Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Pope needs a miracle

by Pat Condell


  1. Splendid stuff... does anyone know how I can get excommunicated from catholicism.  I'm serious.  

  2. lucky he's got a hotline to god....June 27, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    or not :-P

  3. He needs a hero!
    He's holding out for a hero, 'til the end of

    @mudman - the buggers keep your name on the rolls if you're so much as baptised. It depends on where you are, but there's a sort of form thingy you can fill in and send to your local bishop or equivalent stupid-hat-wearing man. A bit of messing about with Google ought to procure you one of these in PDF format.

  4. Bill Maher should invite him one day.

  5. Mudman,
    There was an irishman who recently excommunicated himself from the catholic church but you wouldn't believe the hoops he had to jump through. Aegis is right though, the catholic church still count you as one of your own unless you take active steps to dissociate yourself.

    Keep us posted though on how you get on and good luck. :)

  6. Ahhh... the old Pat Condell is back. Thank god... or, well, you know what I mean.

    Over the past year or so, I have watched this once brilliant commentor lose his edge and resort to uninspired rants against Sharia law. Glad to see him back.

  7. The Pat is back!

  8. i just dont get him.

  9. You'll have to forgive me, but I don't see how this video about Catholicism is any different from his other videos about Islam. In fact, quite the opposite; they are almost identical in style. Rants? Well, yes, they are - all of them. That is, as far as I am aware, the point.

    I don't think any Catholic is going to be inspired to give up their religion by the accusation of Voodoo, in fact, I'd say that the Atheism Is More Fun approach of Dawkins, or the Religion is Wrong approach of Hitchens is far more likely to cause a rational re-evaluation. But Pat's rants serve a purpose, too; they're cathartic.

    The only difference between this video and the ones on Sharia is that this one deals with Catholicism. For a group that is accused of being too soft on Islam, perhaps a bit of ranting in that direction is useful. I think it's even more useful to notice how we're still quite pink and tender where the postmodernists have poked us with accusations of moral absolutism, racism, and intolerance.

    Maybe we shouldn't be castigating him for a bad decision at the ballot-box. I don't agree with Christopher Hitchens when he says atheists shouldn't organise, I don't agree with Ayaan Hirsi Ali when she says we should get the Christians to convert the Muslims, I don't agree with Pat's political affiliations. Disagreement provokes enlightenment, surely?

    Additionally, it might be important to realise:

    1: All religions are illogical and potentially dangerous.
    2: All religions get a free ride.
    3: Islam in particular gets an especially free ride because of the 'racism' card.

    Pat might be full of vitriol, but I am happy that vitriol isn't just aimed at Catholics and other Christians. If we're going to be vitriolic we need to be fair about it.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! "outright voodoo......god bless abortions"
    Oh man I love Pat.

  11. Desicration of communion waffer?  Take photos of the crackers with a good helping of Halal humus and a Kosher dill on top might work.

  12. This video is different from, say, No Mosque at Ground Zero because, well, this one was funny. Stuff like:

        "The previous pope was so conservative he practically fossilized in office."
        "So what does he have to lose? His virginity?"

        "Catholicism really loves to relish the suffering, and get its teeth right into the flesh and to wallow in the blood of Christ. It's the nearest thing to outright Christian voodoo. The olny thing missing is a decapitated chicken.

    Those were some pretty good lines. "No Mosque at Ground Zero" was just an angry rant that could have been done by anyone.

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