Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Nature of Existence (Trailer)
What is the most important question there is? After exploring the phenomenon of STAR TREK fans in the acclaimed documentary TREKKIES, filmmaker Roger Nygard is taking on THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE, traveling the globe to the source of the world’s philosophies, religions, and belief systems, interviewing spiritual leaders, scholars, scientists, artists and others who have influenced, inspired, or freaked out humanity.

“I made a list of the eighty-five toughest questions I could think of,” said Nygard, “starting with biggest one, ‘why do we exist?’ and then I began interrogating the widest cross-section of humanity possible.” Here are a few more of the questions asked in the movie: What is man’s purpose? What started the Universe? Where was God during the Holocaust? What is Truth? Should people have sex before marriage? What is the best way to find happiness? Where is the afterlife? Where are the voices in my head coming from? …How would YOU answer? What journey is more important than one that takes us closer to finding meaning in our existence?


  1. This film looks very interesting.  So interesting, if fact, that our group, Antelope Valley Freethinkers, is planning to host a public screening of it in late July.

  2. That list is a fine example of begging the question.

  3. bleh. Just because you are capable of forming a self-consistent, grammatically correct question in any particular language, in no way necessarily means that the question itself contains any meaning whatsoever.

    What's the meaning of existence? What is the flavor of ennui? What is the purpose of life? What shade of orange is existential jealousy during a new moon? All meaningless piffle.

  4. This is a great idea.  it will appeal to all the new age hippy types and expose them to new ideas and that's usually a good thing.