Monday, June 28, 2010

Maldivian Atheist Confronts Muslim Scholar, Reverts to Islam While in Police Custody

From Examiner:
On May 29, a 37-year old Maldivian citizen named Mohamed Nazim stood up during the Q & A period of a religious lecture given by Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik, and announced that he did not believe in any religion. The audience of 11,000 Muslims reacted violently with many calling for his death and some physically attacking him. The police intervened though and Nazeem was led away to the second block of nearby police building Iskandharu Koshi. There a crowd gathered outside and demanded the police give him to them for beheading. Instead he was whisked away to an undisclosed location, still under arrest. His apostasy was both a state and religious crime. Under the Maldives Constitution, no one can be a citizen unless he is also a Muslim and many Muslims, including the lecturer Dr. Zakir Naik, believe apostasy from Islam merits the death penalty.
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  1. I wish we have ways to save innocent <span>skeptic </span>people from these bastards.

  2. What is so hard about convincing a robber that he shouldn't be robbing?

    Since we have set up a justice system the act of robbing will get you punished. We have decided that robbing is bad because it causes unhappiness for many and violates our sense of fairness and society cannot continue very well if robbing is not dealt with. So if you wish to avoid punishment you should not rob.

    Tada. No morals from space necessary.  

  3. atheists got owned by Muslims
    now u niggas crossed the line and got raped 
    where is your dawkins now?

  4. I am 100% sure the ubove text under the vid is bull shit
    he said they wernt going to kill him
    so PROTIP: when posting a vid watch before you type dumbass atheist-fags

  5. Hey meh, 

    Do you have an aversion to clicking links and, ya know, reading the full story?

    Or, here, let's make it easy for you:

    "<span>Several people rushed towards Nazim, who was sitting at a back row after moving away from the microphone, as an official of the Islamic Ministry tried to escort him out."</span>

    "<span>When Police took Nazim to the second block of nearby police building Iskandharu Koshi, the crowd gathered outside the place and demanded his handover. They shouted anti-atheism slogans and called for Nazim’s beheading.</span>"

    Tell me, meh, how to those words taste, now that you're eating em?  

  6. Ah yes, the lies abound.

    Lie #1 : Acting like rejecting the religion of your parents counts as apostacy.

    Ne never once said he was previously a Muslim.  Therefore he is NOT AN APOSTATE.  Just because his PARENTS were Muslims and tried to bring him up as one too doesn't automatically mean he starts off with the status of Muslim.  If the teaching didn't take in the first place, then he is NOT an apostate, dammit Dr Naik you lying sack of shit.  Chilldren don't genetically inherit religion from their parents.  If there's one thing about Richard Dawkins' rhetorical points that is justified above all else it's that point that needs to be drilled home again and again.  Stop treating people who don't agree with their parents' religion as if they had entered into some sort of contract of their own free will to be the same religion as their parents and then had later broken that contract.  That is exactly how this man is being treated and it's a big fat lie.  From the story he said he is not an apostate - he's just a never-believed-in-the-first-place.

    A child of Muslim parents choosing not to be Muslim himself is not an apostate for that.  Just like a daughter who was promised in an arranged marriage against her will has not comitted a divorce if she refuses to go through with it.  Both cases are similar.  People are being treated like they had made a commitment and backed out of it when in reality it's a commitment their PARENTS made, not they themselves.  They had no say in the matter.

    Lie #2: The usual believers lie - not unique to Muslims to be sure - that the only way someone could possibly not believe the religion is that one was taught a corrupted wrong version of it.  They will not admit that the best way to get people to not believe the religion is to actually present it to them seriously and honestly let them decide (without threats).  They won't admit that it is possible for someone to not agree with them despite having been fully informed of what they claim.  To admit that is to admit that the religion is not as obviously true as they tell themselves it is.  So Dr Naik breaks out the usual lie that this person must have read the "wrong" version of his religion and that's the only explanation for him not agreeing with it.

    Lie #3 Pretending that there is no reason for morality without god (no need to elaborate here - it's the standard like all theists use to slander the unbeliever.  We're all familiar with it.)

    If I had the ability to control the laws of my country, I would make it so that anyone entering the country from a Muslim-dominated country who claims to be any sort of non-muslim at all (be that because they are atheists or because they believe some other religion besides Islam) (*) will automatically get asylum status based on that fact alone.  That's all the proof I need that they are in real need of sanctuary.

    (*) To count they would have to be willing to state as a matter of public record that they are not muslim.  A verbal statement only with no record of it would be too easy to lie your way through - but a statement of non-mulsimhood on public record is not something a real Muslim would be likely to do.

  7. yes there is much knowledge in islam..... .   .

  8. Stupid desert monkeys.

  9. So your definition of "owned" includes violence and intimidation?  Well in that case:

    Afghan civilian deaths
    2006 - 929
    2007 - 1523
    2008 - 2118
    2009 - 2014
    TOTAL - 6584


  10. What a courageous person.

    As a closetted Saudi atheist, if I were to announce my atheism in a crowd of fundumentalists like that, I expect nothing less than being severely beaten and then arrested or even killed on the spot.

    I can't wait to leave this hell hole.

  11. Thank you for being the first commenter to credit the incredible courage of this person!  This point was nearly lost among the rampant soap-boxing above.

    On a separate (but important) note, I wish you all the best in your emancipation from hell.

  12. Religion of peace my ass, it is more like "Agree with me or die!"

    Nazim was incredibly courageous and I'll bet the only realy he converted to being a Muslim later was from the death threats given to him.

    We certainly do need a way to rescue these people.

  13. ...and you should read the sources from where the text was extracted! *DONT_KNOW*

  14. Sometimes I forget how much easier we have it(relatively) than atheists under islamic regimes. The dissenter in this video is very very brave.

  15. What a tragedy for the thinking people on this planet that such a beautiful place is occupied by barbarians.  All commerce with these lunatic muslim nations should stop immediately. They should be economically suffocated so that the rest of the world can breathe easier.

  16. Barbaric people. Primitive, uneducated barbarians. The one and only chance for a religion ( any of them) to thrive...To survive.
    The more barbarians - the better for the religion. Less scientists - more imams and muezzins, and priests, and preachers and clerics of any sort.
    I - convinced atheist - I start to believe that we, the humans, we need a superpower of god himself to get rid of religions !.
    Nothing else will do the trick - obviously.

  17. <span>Here's an example of futility: Read once more the vacuous regurgitations here of LOL and Meh and come to grips with the fact that these folks are eminently qualified, on an IQ basis, to tie bombs to their chests, fly planes into buildings and mutilate their sisters and daughters.   
    Not only are they unable to understand the arguments presented to them here, it must be seriously doubted if they can understand, even read words more complicated than "atheist-fags" and "niggas"</span>

  18. Hitler targeted the wrong people..

  19. does using racial slurs make you feel smarter?

  20. this shit sad, this guy comes bak to admit that he has believed in islam afta a beating nis coz he is a pussy. there are many things other than islam that makes us maldivian by blood... we are the children of african pirates, idian warriors and european conquerors, i am not a muslim ... i am a maldivian ... they just beat him up coz he was a peaceful guy n new that he would be submissive ... these fools things gutts come from religion ... our human strengths were born way before the propaganda of islam. try beating up someone with some maldivian balls  n yo families will get stabbed on the funking head. u muslims keep on dreaming while this countrys youth grow up on the street and become animals like us ... looting and stabbing ... this poor nazim character is a national slave now .. he dance like a fuking dog... imagine this fool naik ... who is the prince of the fucking ignorants, get beaten up enough n he'll convert to anything ... let alone a diffrnt religion he'll even get a sex change ... there is no place for fools like him with any god ...
    maldives ais a muslim facade thats gonna break with the paasing of one or more generations... let education and light come through modern science and fact ... not through sheep herding techniques ... incidents like this affirm my choice to renouce all these stupid religions ... i know god loves us ... i dont know my gods name ... but i feel him within the sound of my conscious. he is truly everloving. and forgiving ... religion is the tool for smart people like the pope, the sheik, n the rulers of the world control the vote of the world ...
    and yea atheists, brothers, u are better off than most these guys, but, dont u feel the magic of god within. god is a metaphore. it is too great to explain, and impossible to explain to the medieval mindend.
    comment on naik's robber example: are u stupid ... i think this guy survives in these arguments coz he is so dumb that a person with a proper mind will not even waste time talking to him. i mean if u want to prove a robber that he is bad for himself, explain, show him that it effects ones psche to harm others by being negative ... maybe read a book by freud or budha or c why he became a robber at the first place.... OR EVEN BETTER!!!---- WHY DONT WE BEAT UP THE "ROBBER" LIKE YA'll DID TO NAZIM!!! THAT SHOULD FORCE YOUR WILL ON MOST PEOPLE. KEKEK... 
    please open your eyes mankind, our religions are making us fight our own brothers .... shame shame shame.... v r one till the question of the divine arises. what caused all the wars we know about? from the war stricken comes out the disturbed souls ... who become criminals... the products of the miscalculations of our fathers. Learn. 

  21. we see nthing on this world working without a control system....of cox there is god and Allah is the name of god...nd we fear Allah...nt any u ethiests fear to this world and die as ignorants and finnaly u will face the real justice...if u dnt repent 4 ur sins u will be thrown into hell fire and that day u will cry 4 wat u did on this it will be too late 4 u dhenn...think hw much chances Allah is giving to u in this life...he have given u chance to repent to ur sins bt still ur being aggorant...when u r in hell fire u will hope if u can come back to this life again and worship Allah whole day long becox u cant be patient to wat u r facing..u will die repeatedly and will continue...Plxxx ppl u have nly one chnce be4 u die..its hw u lived in this  life..." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

  22. If your god requires me to fear it or be thrown into hell fire, I refuse to be afraid out of spite, and to hell (pun intended) with the consequences.

  23. The simple fact that the cult murders apostates is evidence enough of a paranoid insecurity resulting from it being fragile and totally false. The so called "science" in the quran being total rubbish that a five year old could refute only makes this paranoia worse. If people were free to question Islam I wonder how long before it imploded. I guess we'll never know.