Saturday, June 5, 2010

From Islam to America: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

From Fora TV
A former member of the Dutch parliament and longtime human rights advocate, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has lived in constant threat for her outspoken beliefs and collaboration with controversial director Theo van Gogh (who was murdered by a radical Islamist).

Her journey continues as she discusses starting her new life in America, reconciling with her Islamic past, and learning to adapt to Western values.
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  1. Interesting that she sees Christianity as an acceptable lesser of two evils, but not a clitoral 'nick'.  In the latter case, she feels energy should be directed towards the root cause of female genital mutilation.  Personally, I think energy should be directed at the root cause of religion.

  2. Agreed. She would certainly have to designate what branch of Christianity. It would not be an improvement to switch from genital mutilation to child molestation, for example.
    We can moralize about our "reasonable, reformed" christianity only because it is practiced in mainly secular societies. Given the chance, there are many "reasonable" christians who would drag us back to the dark ages at every opportunity.

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    clash of civilization.