Saturday, June 5, 2010

No, Mr. Beck, Congress Did Not Print a Bible for the Use of Schools

by Chris Rodda, Author of Liars For Jesus
(Thanks MelM)


  1. Seeing this video, you will be shocked. Fake history is one of the chief tools used by the "Christian Nation" cult to destroy the separation of church and state in the U.S. The state enforces its rules with guns; doing away with the separation puts these guns in the hands of religion.

    BTW, David Barton is involved in the Texas mess. Chris wrote The Idocy of Texas and the Threat of David Barton in July 2009.  A team-up of Beck and Barton would be a disaster.

  2. Some other people also made up:

    Persia 1200 bc

    Born a Virgin on 25th of december
    Had 12 deciples
    Performed miracles
    Was dead for 3 days
    Was upon his death resurrected

    India 900 bc

    Born a Virgin
    Star in the east upon his birth
    Performed miracles
    Upon his death was resurrected

    Greece 500 bc

    Born a Virgin on 25th of december
    Performed Miracles such as turning water into wine
    Referred to as the "king of kings" and the "alpha and omega"
    Was upon his death resurrected

    Phrygia 1200 bc

    Born a Virgin on dec. 25th
    Dead for 3 days
    Was upon his death resurrected

    Egypt 3000 bc

    Born a virgin on dec. 25th
    Born a Virgin
    Birth accomanied by a star in the east
    On his birth he was adored by 3 kings
    Became a teacher at the age of 12
    Baptized ad the age of 30
    Had 12 diciples
    Performed miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water
    Nicknames such as "The lamb of the God" and "The light" and "The good shepard"
    Was crucified after being deceived and dead for 3 day thus resurrected

  3. Looks like someone watched Zeitgeist and believed it.

  4. For me, this was interesting history about US printing books at the time. Thanks.

  5. The KIng James Bible (in English) was printed in the early seventeenth century.

    Does anyone take Glenn Beck seriously? Even MenIn Frox viewers?

  6. Aren't we all born a virgin? Born OF a virgin on the other hand...