Saturday, May 1, 2010

8: The Mormon Proposition (Trailer)

In theaters June 18, 2010


  1. It's amazing how much political power the church still has, especially when money is involved.

  2. In the long term, once it's legal, this story will be a great example of the value of secularism. The wreckage of it's passage will teach generations of people how stupid and bigoted religious movements are.

  3. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥May 2, 2010 at 2:19 AM

    Finally the trailer is out. I´ve been looking forward to watching this movie.
    The reactions to it have been really good and I hope it will wake up the apologist´s for religion.

  4. Correction: In their insanbe delusion, they think Jeebu$ will not plug them...

  5. The  best democracy money can buy

  6. I wonder when the black community in California is going to get a movie made about their campaign for Prop 8. I would like to see them protest black churches. They voted over whelmingly for Prop 8.

  7. So far, there has been 1 inaccuracy. That is, the idea that if you do not pay your tithing (10% of your income), that you will be threatened with loss of membership. This is the opposite of the truth.

    I grew up deeply involved in the mormon church, and my parents are still drowned in mormon culture. I was asked more times than I could count to pay my tithing, and when I happened to not wish to, all I got was some guilt-tripping and disappointed looks. No threat to remove membership, and no one should expect it.

    In fact, when you are excommunicated from the church, or put on "suspension", you are still encouraged to pay tithing. Which is odd in of itself, but the truth is that not paying the church your blood money is not grounds for being kicked out of the church.

    The main reason for this is that the church wants to keep as many people as they can from not leaving. Removing your name from the church records is difficult, as many ex-mormons may attest.

    This is because the church wants to inflate their membership numbers because they believe it fufills prophecy of an expanding church, and because they just can't bring themselves to believe that anyone actually doesn't believe. They insist that everyone will either eventually come back, or hate themselves and wallow in contempt for the truth they deny for the rest of their life...


    This first inaccuracy doesn't give me very much hope for this movie. Like all attempts to debunk the mormon church, these sorts of inaccuracys are plentiful. It may play into the hands of the mormons, and they may claim persecution, misinformation, and misunderstanding... which to them equals:

    "Hey, they got these details wrong, therefore our church is the true chuch!"

    This happens very often with the church, and it fuels their indignant fire. The source of the problem is that those attacking the church are religious, and the church can easily point out the same flaws in thinking us atheists may point out every day. Leaving the mormon vacuum of a culture, or being oppressed by it, is something many people can't handle. Those psychologically damaged by the church fall deep into irrational, conspiratorial, hateful thinking. It's a fight between emotionally charged idiots. While the doctrine of the church is false, and the church does behave like a corrupted corporation, this cannot be handled by the baptists, nut jobs, and ufortunately, the portion of the homsexual community who are unprepared, as well.  They all have deep emotional investsments, and each side in this debate lets this get the best of them.

    Again, my expectations for this movie are low. I hope things can be dealt with in proper manner. I can wait for the day the mormon church gets its proper, disinterested, public treatment.

  8. so when does the movie about the catholic church, or the back population, or the hispanic population, all who spent just as much and voted just as much, if not more than the mormons come out? 

  9. it's obvious either way you look at this film it is a hate film. As an open lesbian I can't decide whether the film which was funded by gay affiliated groups was meant to hate on mormons or if mormons really did cause prop 8 to fall short. The real meaning I got out of this is EITHER WAY it's hate, mormon hate on gays or gays hate on mormons. Learn something and everyone should mind their own business

  10. ok 1st I'm lds, now the church has never hidden our stand on gays, we do not agree with the life style we believe marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God, but we love the gays too, we see them as our fellow brothers and sisters of our Heavenly Father. some mormons may not like gays well thauts their problem, i have a gay friend he's still my friend i will not agree with his life style but i still care for him.