Monday, April 26, 2010

Texas Store Owner Posts Religious Sign to Deter Thieves

April 25, 2010 on Fox & Friends
(Thanks phinfan)


  1. "Apparently this [the robbery] has happened quite a bit and untill it happened to me I didn't know"

    What do you mean with "I did not know"? You did not know people were robbed? Looked outside you bible lately?

    As for those clergymen asking questions, just put up a similair sign, change "Thiefes" into "Rapists". See how they'll react to that.

    And @fox: controversial? CONTROVERSIAL? What are you, 12?

  2. Just love that this has an implicit understanding that the thieves are believers!!!

    One up to the moral atheists!

  3. Since when do you have to check with the local cleargy to put up a sign in your store?

  4. *sigh* I think my daily quota of watching idiots speak is going to fill up soon today.

  5. I'm saying he is worshipping the wrong magic man... ;)

  6. Not nerely as effective as:
    "God is watching you where my security cameras cannot legally be placed."

  7. I would so steal that sign.

  8. Actually I have heard if people living in strongly catholic areas put pictures of the catholic goddess Mary, that has a strong deterrent effect.

  9. I'm an atheist, and I thought that was funny as hell. I'd do the same, as most Americans are Christian.

    "<span>Just love that this has an implicit understanding that the thieves are believers!!! "</span>

    Christians do tons of crime everyday. Some of the most immoral people I know are Christian.

  10. Another good example how they use religion to frighten people to be "good".

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