Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rep. Randy Forbes vs. FFRF's Annie Gaylor: National Day of Prayer Legal?

April 25, 2010 on CNN


  1. <span> The Declaration of Independence is not the constitution. Like Hitchens said a while back this day of prayer is an effort to try to smuggle Christianity through the customs undetected.</span>

  2. If the government can encourage the public to pray "if they wish", then the government can encourage the public to not pray "if they wish".

    The "encourage not demand" defense is infuriating. The nonsense is plainly displayed once you rearrange the proclamation.

    "We officially encourage only the public that prays on this day."

    How is this the government's responsibility? How is this in their field of governance?

    Not to mention the idea that the government could officially endorse a day of Satan ritual, paganism, etc. for the public "if they wish", now that the government has the right to endorse a religious exercise.

    If they decline to encourage a satanic ritual, for the public, then this is discrimination, and under these nonsensical laws, not all religions are given equal treatment by the government.

  3. I get the distinct  feeling that if America's economy took a serious hit in the near future then a large proportion of its population and representatives would be screaming for a theocracy faster than you can say 'ad maiorem Dei gloriam'.