Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Woman Whipped In Public For Wearing Trousers

Warning: Contains Violent Images
December 14, 2010 on Sky News:
Footage has emerged of a woman being publicly whipped in Sudan for wearing trousers.

The video offers a rare glimpse of the type of punishment inflicted on women who break the country's strict morality code.

The victim was punished under Sharia law for wearing trousers under her Islamic clothing.

The footage shows her crawling on the ground, raising her arm to try to ward off the attacks and screaming as the whip strikes.
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  1. You've got to be kidding me!  This is just awful!  These men should all get their balls cut off!  Whipped for wearing pants?  Really???  

  2. oh my! what is wrong with the human race? 

  3. Under her fucking Hijab! They whipped her because she was wearing pants  UNDERNEATH HER FUCKING HIJAB!!!

    <span>! ! ! ! ! ! ! F U C K   I S L A M ! ! ! ! ! ! !</span>

    And fuck your barbaric backward shithole of a mafia/thug-run failed state in the middle of the goddamn desert.

    Usually I take time to gather my thoughts into well considered, thoughtful commentary. Not today.

  4. Religion, that's what.

  5. Saskia, it's not the human race, it's islam.
    Where all the moderate muslims speaking out against this. Especially the converted western female muslims who say it all about choose.

  6. It is amazing that Pastors have been able to convince Americans that religion leads to more morality.  Sure American christians, while in the binds of secularism, are good people for the most part.  But when you look at unchecked religion (i.e. the middle east) you see terrible, squalid conditions with stuff like this happening.

    I don't think we should let stuff like this happen in the name of "religious tolerance."  Rational people need to stand up and let countries like this know that human rights take precedence over their silly religion.

  7. Imagine if they were shorts?

  8. Savages. F*cking savages.

  9. Islam never fails to disgust.

    Another illustration of why separation of church and state is so important. It's one of the best political ideas ever discoverd. On the ground, doing away with separation means that religion can tax and spend for its own goals and enforce its rules. If Xns get it into their heads that government should be used to protect our "salvation," I think they'll undo the whole enlightenment.

    From Chris Rodda's book Liars for Jesus (debunking "Christian Nation" propaganda)
    Ch 9 "James Madison's Detached Memoranda"
    Chris  writes: "It also includes an essay entitled Monopolies, Perpetuities, Corporations, Ecclesiastical Endowments, much of which is about religion and the government. In this essay, Madison made clear his objections to mixing religion and government in even the smallest ways. A few of the practices he singled out as being unconstitutional or potentially dangerous were tax supported chaplains in Congress and in the military, and government proclamations of days of prayer and thanksgiving. Religious right American history authors hate this document, and usually attempt to discredit it in some way before even getting to its actual content."

    On the book's web site, Rodda also has videos debunking the stuff coming out of the recent TV team up of Glen Beck and David Barton.

  10. Outragious, disgusting, degenerate and revolting. Hard to watch w/o flynching.
    Actual visual images like these certainly inflame with a direct, narrow focus.
    So likewise a through-the-keyhole clip of a parish priest sexually abusing one or two of the many thousands of helpless molested children would be just as, if not more, sickening.
    But diddling kids is not sanctioned by law here? 
    Sure, but until very recently and for untold decades, many have avoided the issue, and many still do.
    Unenforced laws don't count.

  11. It's religion. Islam is the worst example of a living religion (as original and literally-read texts they are all more or less equally bad) for precisely the reason you pinpoint: Not even the most moderate Muslim will admit privately, much less publically, that some things in religious texts are downright ugly and incompatible with humanism.

    The machiavellian stroke of brilliance in Islam is TOTAL SUBMISSION to an unaltered literal WORD of God.

    Hence, even though many (by far the majority) of Muslims condemn things like this and some may even speak out, they ultimately hit a blank wall. Either you go to the goddamn ROOT of this and realize that covering women up is not a standard of morality - in which case Islam is wrong - or you just keep juggling your conscience against *interpretations* of your religion, which, lets face it, is a basic identity for most people.

    Far right homophobic and anti-abortion (read anti-women) Christians are equally bad but at least they are called out by other Christians. (They are gaining ground though, and how!)

    I LOVE LOVE your comment about Western Liberal Muslim Niqaabi women who say "the veil is a choice" and abuse Western enlightenment ideas (personal choice) to defend one of the worst symbols of autocratic oppression. If you accept the tenet that revealing female skin will beget an immoral society, then abominations like this are a natural (though extreme) outcome. Arguing thereafter about degrees and details is not only eventually futile but worse: it is intellectually dishonest.

    I am an in-the-closet atheist *Muslim* woman who is raising a family as best as I can. My other choice: walk out on all family, friends and basically life as I've known it, not just myself (I'd do that perhaps) but with my kids whom I'd sever from a father and friends and family who are great human beings DESPITE being Muslims. Avoidance works but for how long? It's all coming to a head now.

  12. Thank you for reply to my comment. Sorry for my grammar and spelling mistakes, I was angry.
    Seeing how i am a outsider and you are living it, I do not know what I can say to help your situation. You have my deepest sympathy. I hope you have a trusted friend you can open up to in your life. There are ex-muslims websites that might be helpful.
    You express your thoughts better that i can express mine. <span>I believe human rights trumps all religions and political systems. Utopia does not exist, so back to reality, what can we do to help?</span>

  13. Let´s treat then the way that they like to treat others. When these muslim guys come to your countries weep then!!!

  14. Religion of Peace. What a joke.

  15. keep in mind this is not the only Muslim nation to do this... there are many that follow sharia law, and most of them we call "friends" nations we trade with , sell weapons to, and defend. i also feel that a "Christian Taliban" with its own "word of god" laws is something that the likes of palin bachmann and demint would get behind 100%.

  16. hahahahaha, see how that bitch was screaming. Fucking hiliarious!

  17. I'm a former Muslim, now an atheist.

    This made me so angry, I feel like going to Sudan and beating the crap out of that guy.

    As a side note, this isn't quite Islamic law, some claims of misinterpretation are just cop outs, but in this case...it's just bizarre.

    In Saudi, a lot of women wear designer stuff from Paris and New York or wherever, as long as they wear the outer cover in public, no issues with that.

    This is just...bizarre, an excuse for a country ruled by a gang of vile thugs to express their sadism.

    Islam does have its' horrors, of course, but this is pure sadism.

    I would liken it to other Africans killing albino "devils" or amputating witches.

  18. I don't find it funny, my sense of humour is perhaps not as advanced yours.

    Maybe post a video of yourself getting whipped, just so I can see what you mean, and share your laughter.

  19. John daley is a troll, please don't feed the troll. Then he will go away.