Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend Links


  1. It's a shame that they chose Bill Gates as their example in the "good without god" ad.  He's one of the worst choices to pick because all that money he funnels to charity was obtained in sneaky underhanded dishonest ways in the first place.  His charity foundation follows a long tradition of monopoly billionaires and millionaires who notice their reputation is in the shitter so they start charities to improve their image.  It's like the Rockefeller foundation in that regard.  And there will be theists seeing the ad who will know this and pick up on it and deflate the effectiveness of the ad's message.  There are better choices to be the poster boy for this ad campaign.  If people want to go for the rich guy who donates to charity, Warren Buffet is a better choice than Bill Gates (who many people really really hate, thus deflating the message).  If they were going for the famous angle, then there's a few hollywood figures that are atheists and donate to charity that would be a good pick if fame is what they were after.  George Clooney would be a good choice.

  2. @Marcel Dicke:   to many are worried how to feed the world, and not enough, on how to control population.  do you want a Logan's Run population control?