Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hajj Streamlines Ritual Slaughter

November 17, 2010 on Al-Jazeera English
The annual Muslim pilgrimage, the Hajj is continuing with millions of devotees gathering for the ritual "stoning of the devil." Part of the Hajj involves the sacrifice of some 750,00 animals. And religious authorities say they are working hard to make sure the meat does not go to waste.
(Thanks Andrew)


  1. Anyone who still defends these primitive, sociopaths officially disgusts me.

  2. Wipe your greasy hands from that BigMac you've been eating before you touched your laptop keyboard?

  3. <span>Wipe your greasy hands from that BigMac you've been mashing before you touched your laptop keyboard?</span>

  4. HahaaaaHa Ha John!  Please let me know when "Sharia Size Me" hits the theaters.

  5. Uhmmm How can they make sure the meat doesn't go to waste when it's supposed to be a sacrifice?  By definition a sacrifice is *supposed* to be a waste.  Otherwise it's not a sacrifice it's just a mass feast.

  6. Um. I lose hope in humanity when there are still some (in this case, many) who sacrifice animals as a form superstition. When mass delusion calls for the unnecessary slaughter of 3/4 of a million innocent animals, I weep for us as a species. Grow the F up... Please...

  7. Sounds good to me. Feed some staving people with the meat. This whole operation looked a hell of a lot better and more humane than anything that is going on in the US.

    Food Inc. anyone?

  8. As long as it stays like that is fine for me... The problem is crashing planes for  human sacrifice

  9. One of the problems of religion is that there can develop a compulsion among the followers to "go the extra mile" in proving how pious they are - when they begin to feel that their god is not appropriately impressed by their animal sacrifice they move on to greater depravity as shown by the Aztecs and the  Abraham/Isaac story.

  10. I wonder if they will also be able to order online for someone to walk the Hajj and throws stones at that big rock? Then they can do all their muslim stuff from the comfort of home....

    For $50 per month I can pray 3 times per day to Allah, $75 for all three times.

    Business idea anyone?

  11. I once saw the head of the Islamic bank speak at a conference.

    Someone asked him:

    Q:"Sir, is it true that Muslims cannot receive interest from their money?"
    Islamic banker: "Yes, that is true."
    Q: "But you just said your bank pays one of the highest interest rates in the UK?"
    Islamic Banker: "Yes, that is true."
    Q: "But your people cannot receive interest."
    Islamic Banker: "No, they cannot, it is against Islam."
    Q: "But you pay out one of the highest interest rates?"
    Islamic Banker: "Yes, we do."

    It went on like that for several minutes. Everyone at the conference walked out thinking either "what the heck" or "what a hypocrit". Maybe there was some loophole we didn't quite understand...

  12. Reminds of an apparently true story about a Tibetan Buddhist monk (Red Hat Variety who do tantric sex as a form of meditation). When asked if, during ejaculation, he enjoys it, the monk answered:
    "Not officially."