Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Godless Clergy - Daniel Dennett - NPR Radio

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From The Emily Rooney Show:
A Godless Clergy: Faith in God—and holding fast to it despite your fears and doubts—is a central tenet of nearly every religion. But what if the head of your church doesn’t believe? Tufts University professor Daniel Dennet joins us to talk about the growing number of priests and clergy who no longer believe in God. Why do they continue to preach? And what does that mean for the people they serve?


  1. The atheist clergy are the best clergy. go figure.

  2. We should start a "halfway house" sort of support system for recovering former theists. We could provide financial support & training for former clergy to become productive members of society. (Rather than supporters and enablers of destructive societal habits.)

  3. If the people who go to that church are basing their faith off another mans instead of the word of God in the Bible then they already have the wrong mindset it takes more faith to argue  atheism then to live by Gods word.