Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christians Outraged Over Tim Minchin's Song Featured on Christmas CD

From Herald Sun (Australia):
A CHRISTMAS CD aiming to raise funds for a Christian charity has been slammed for featuring an anti-Christian song.

Faith and family groups have labelled the song, which includes the lyrics "I get freaked out by churches," and "I'm not expecting a visit from Jesus", as "disrespectful" and a "sick joke".

But the executive producer of Myer's annual star-studded Spirit of Christmas CD has defended his decision to include the song, White Wine in the Sun.

The song, written by atheist entertainer Tim Minchin, features alongside traditional Christmas carols such as Joy to the World and Little Drummer Boy.

Profits from CD sales go to The Salvation Army.
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(via Pharyngula)


  1. Is this really the version that is going on the CD? Why is it him singing like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCNvZqpa-7Q

  2. Is this really what is going on the cd? Why isn't it him singing like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCNvZqpa-7Q

  3. Call me soft, but I can't listen to "White Wine in the Sun" without welling up...  How could anyone be offended by something so beautiful?

  4. Disrespectful, sick joke...sounds like christianity.

  5. Believe it or not atheists do celebrate the season as well and this song is how most of us feel. It IS a family time and that is important even if it's once a year.

  6. This makes me cry. And I am not sentimental.

  7. Is there a song called "It's really a pagan holiday anyway"?

  8. This singer's cover just completely lacks the feeling of Tim's voice.  It's just ... flat.

  9. The Salvation Army has been copping some flack over this. Years ago, like they do every year, commercial TV does stories on the great work the xian charities do over the festive season. I saw an interview with the heads in Australia of the Salvos and St. Vincent De Paul. When asked what the primary focus of their organisations is, both admitted that the charity side was an effective way of gathering up new belivers and adding to their respective ranks was the real reason for their good work. Haven't donated to either since.

  10. Amazing! This song is just beautiful! Instant Christmas classic!

  11. First new Christmas song in a long time that really captures the spirit of Christmas. It's true, Christmas is about family (and friends). Yes it is sentimental. It'll be on my playlist.

  12. Great song, too bad it is being used to raise money for such a terrible organization.

    Oh well, Onward Christian Soldiers! That is the spirit of Christmas isn't it?

  13. I wonder if what the christians really object to is the use of big words and a lix count that is beyond their comprehension.

  14. Offended? Bwaaaahahaah! Give me a break. Christians have been offending everybody with different beliefs for thousands of years. Only difference is, they were pushing their belief system on everyone, arresting, jailing, torturing and murdering others who thought differently, not singing songs. I'm offended every time I drive by a place of worship...that I'm paying the taxes for! I'm offended every time some Bible thumper knocks on my door trying to convert me into a brainless zombie. I'm offended that Christians stole the winter celbration of the solstice and have tried to make it their holiday exclusively. Sorry Xians, but Jesus has nothing to do with "the season". The Earth's axial tilt has everything to do with it. Get over yourselves.

  15. RJ. Great comments. Especially the tax free status for believing in fantasies. Religions are all quasi-political organizations and should be taxed like everyone else.

  16. Winter solstice time in Oz. Still special.

  17. Would love to know what Minchin thinks of his song being used to raise money for a xtian charity...

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