Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BBC Panorama - British Schools, Islamic Rules

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Aired November 22, 2010 on BBC One
Investigation which uncovers disturbing evidence that some Muslim children are being exposed to extremist preachers and fundamentalist Islamic groups. We also expose the part-time schools where hate is on the curriculum. The programme asks why school inspectors have missed the warning signs and examines the impact this could have on young Muslims' ability to integrate into mainstream British life.


  1. Ban religious schools

  2. Well thank you Tony Blair. I hope Hitch cleans the floor with you in Toronto.

    Maybe I better stop complaining about xtian funtamentalism in America. Looks like Britain is home growing their own fundamentalists as well, unfortunately for Britain they are taught the religion of peace.
    Makes you wonder if humanity will flourish in this incredibly scientific and technological age or will the tribalism of religion will result in the death and downfall of mankind.

  3. Yo Cents, isn't it amazing that in the 21st Century, there's an element of society determined to take us all back to the 12th century with them. Problem too, is that they're growing in number. The muzzies will out breed us all.

  4. Yah Robster. It scares the hell out of me. Maybe I just read too much sci-fi when I was a kid. I read Heinlein and Asimov, and watched Star Trek as well. It resulted in a vision we would progress to a global society. Well I'm over 60 now and although science and technology has made its contributions over the years, it still hasn't rid us of religion. We are still having to fight off religious dogma and the we/they tribalism that should have died with our knowledge of the world. Science did it. It killed god. No evidence no god. Unfortunately there are so many brainwashed people that can't accept the obvious conclusion.