Friday, October 29, 2010

Multi-Belief Necklace

by Edward Current


  1. "Lucky rabbits foot"...well, the rabbit obviously didn't get any luck from it.

  2. What an excellent kids toy... Any entrepreneurs ready to make a smaller 'multi-belief necklace' for the christmas season?

    Better still, the different symbols could be included in 'Kinder eggs' or as MacDonald childrens toys!

  3. The garlic was a great take on Pascal's Wager.

    And flogging the pendant, as a Brit I do like a bit of double entendre.

    Oh, and rabbit's feet.

  4. I bet he picked it up from The Mummy movie (1997).

  5. <span>I bet he picked up the idea from The Mummy movie (1999).</span>

  6. When I was a kid my mother joked with us that the reason we never had vampires in the house was because she always had garlic in the kitchen.

    She also use to tell us tht the reason we never had polar bear's in the house, was because she always had flour in the kitchen. I got the garlic/vampire thing - but the polar bear/white flour?

    Years later my mother told us kids she threw that in just to help us realise how stupid superstition is - my mother was a great free-thinker/rationalist parent.

    Not relevent to this video but thought I would share this classic mother story. When I went to infant school, at lunch time a teacher would say grace before we could eat (I am British btw) - which was a comletely alian concept for me. Thinking this must be a good and important thing to do, at home that evening when dinner as served, I asked if I could say grace and thank God for the food to which my mother replied, "I was the one who bought it, cooked it and served it, thank me." and then added "Did you thank the dinner ladies who served you dinner at school?" "Yes."  I said. "Well then, that is all the thanking you need to do."

    Even at a young age she was always eager to make sure we appreciate what others do for us, and not take human kindness for granted, thinking it was a gift from an imaginary god.