Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Jihad Temptation

October 12, 2010 on France 24


  1. What has this to do with the real atheist cause? are you going to report practices of christian boardings schools in holland? weekly reports on live broadcasting of all kinds of religious celebrations on public services? surveys on the developments in Israel becoming a "true jewish democratic state"? Or even clock on the religious views of certain soccer players? get off, please. there is more important on atheism! Please, start feeding us with the standard of atheism, which is reason and leave the rest to people who want to believe in their thing (or cause).

  2. Like your own posts much or just trolling?

  3. What a load of boloney this Jonathan S. Paris speaks.

    Paris: "Karachi is a very large city 16,500,000 million people, and it would not surprise me if there were radicalising camps right inside Karachi."

    It would not surprise him - in other words he does not know he is merely speculating.

    Interviewer: Are more and more people ecoming radicalised in this kind of way (ie travelling to Karachi to learn as Madrasas)

    Paris: I am not sure what the trend lines are right now.

    Again Paris does not know - merely speculating.

    Finally he comes out with this silly statement.

    "500,000 people who travel every year, back and forth, and going to Al-Queida camps to get extra training."

    What tosh. 500,000 young people each year travelling between the UK and Pakistan, since 2005, training in Al-Quida training camps to learn how to be terrorists?

    Is this guy Paris for real?! He sounds slightly potty to me.

    Once again we are being fleeced by purveyors of fear!

  4. "Corrupted by alcohol or western society." HAHAHA

  5. 'leave the rest to'? I take it you don't travel on public transport - well, right enough, you can't get your head unstuck from the sand. 

  6. What? 'leave the rest to? I take it you don't travel on punlic transport - oh, right enough, you can't get your head unstuck from the sand.

  7. What? 'leave the rest to'? I take it you don't travel on public transport. Oh, right enough, you can't get your head  unstuck from the sand.

  8. Nothing wrong with young children being taught how to fire rifles. The more we don't know, the less we should try to find out?