Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christopher Hitchens Skipping Prayer Day in His Honor

September 20, 2010 on AP:
Stricken with cancer and fragile from chemotherapy, author and outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens sits in an armchair before an audience and waits for the only question that can come first at such a time.

"How's your health?" asks Larry Taunton, a friend who heads an Alabama-based group dedicated to defending Christianity.

"Well, I'm dying, since you asked, but so are you. I'm only doing it more rapidly," replies Hitchens, his grin faint and his voice weak and raspy. Only wisps of his dark hair remain; clothes hang on his frame.
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  1. When Hitchens finally passes like we all will, it will be a great loss to us atheists and humanity in general. There are not many left with his skills. Whenever I think of Christopher Hitchens the one word that comes to my mine is erudite. That is how I see him, a scholar of both the verbal and written word. 

  2. Hope you get well CH! You're a good man and a Huxley of our time (together with Richard Dawkins) and I hope you stay with us for yet many years to come.