Friday, August 20, 2010

Team Mohammed vs. Team Jesus

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Extremist Makeover - Team Mohammed vs. Team Jesus
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August 19, 2010 on The Daily Show (US Only)
Aasif Mandvi fights for Team Mohammed in Michigan, while Wyatt Cenac represents Team Jesus in the rest of America.
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  1. John Stewart apparently aggrees with Sarah Palins definition of free speech. The Daily Show has been going to shit lately.

  2. I find the Daily Show to to be increasingly irritating as I get older (and I'm only 30!) and it's difficult for me to tell whether it's them or me. I thought Jon's quip insinuating the guy was merely concerned about his money to be particularly cheap and low.

    The sort of view that's expressed here typifies what I think is the media's serious incompetence surrounding this issue. I can't wait until I don't have to hear about the stupid "ground zero mosque" anymore, although I suspect that isn't going to happen for a very long time. The clueless gits on Fox Noise get it wrong by saying they should be able to just ban the mosque, and the tolerant to a fault pundits on the left at CC and CNN think any expression of distaste toward the thing just MUST be borne out of some irrationality or latent racism. They still appear to genuinely believe that merely by virtue of a particular belief system's magical status as "religion", it is therefore automatically deserving of people's respect and any intolarence (OH NOES!) to that belief system's goals or ideals worthy of righteous denunciation. Furthermore, if a religion is lucky enough to have minority status, well then of course your criticism of it must mean that you're a bigot too!

    Sorry, no. Am I against the mosque being built there? Yeah, of course, definitely! I'd be extremely happy to never see another church, synagogue, Scientology center or mosque ever built again anywhere. And I do find the fact that this one is going to be built on the doorstep of the WTC to be particularly galling as, dispite the constant unconvincing whining to the contrary on the left, Islam really DID fly those planes into those buildings.

    But should the government have the power to step in and stop the mosque from being built? NO. The first amendment is extremely important and its implications in this case are perfectly clear - the people who want to build this thing on private property, in accordance with local zoning laws are FULLY within their right. None of that means that I have to like it one bit though.

  3. I should mention that my comments pertain more to the whole show last night, rather than just to the second segment clip above.