Sunday, August 15, 2010

South Africa Healers - Skepticism Over Whites Becoming Sangomas

August 15, 2010 on Al-Jazeera English
Wikipedia: Sangoma


  1. Haha! lulz. Reminds me of the idiot, whitebread soccer moms you sometimes hear about having converted to Islam and now shuffle around in chadors or somesuch. It's one thing to be born into a ridiculous superstitious worldview, having been indoctrinated into something like that since infancy, it's understandable how people have a hard time shaking it. But it is QUITE another to accept a new blind faith whole-cloth as an adult. It's hard for me to have any respect at all for people of such feeble intellect.

  2. I can't comprehend any woman from a western / european background converting to islam. When I see such women in their self imposed prison garb it fills me with utter contempt i'm afraid.

  3. Silly kuffar! You're reading the Koran in english, of course it's going to sound like that! You can only experience Allah's infinite greatness and love by reading it in the original Arabic!

  4. so what comes to your mind when a non-european converts to islam?
    expected foolishness from the coloreds? 

  5. "whatever answers lie in science, there is another one in nature"
    It's funny that she says that, when in actuality science is based on nature, whereas these superstitions are completely baseless. she should have said:
    "whatever answers lie in science, we can just make something else up"