Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fortune Tellers Pocket $8 Billion As People Lose Trust In Banks

August 15, 2010 on Russia Today
Playing the stock market has always been a guessing game, but since the global recession diminished European investors' confidence in their own predicting abilities, more are now turning to paranormal professionals.


  1. Ugh...the old "some say" media angle. The 2 seconds of token skepticism was pathetic.

  2. lol. 7 seconds total for the skeptic out of 145 for the report. And they didn't even actually talk to prof. Panunzio, they just lifted those few seconds from a youtube video of him.

    That's Russia Today for you. Though I doubt our media would do much better.

  3. 1:30 "the second card means you approach... uh not with reason"