Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kate Silverton Interviews Richard Dawkins

August 1, 2010 on BBC Radio 5 (Starts at 35:30)
Professor Richard Dawkins defends science's importance in society and says he's not the angry man he's portrayed as by his critics.


  1. The description should be changed to tell visitors to the site to jump to 35:30.  That's when the interview with Richard starts.  Everything before that is a generic BBC news broadcast that has nothing to do with the topic at hand,

  2. Lol, Radio 5, need I say more? Radio 4 it certainly ain't. Utterly clueless interviewer.

  3. You get Richard Dawkins into a radio studio and this is how BBC choose to spend time with him? For example, are there any recent discoveries in evolutionary biology worth mentioning? How is his children's book coming along? I would have loved to hear more of the wildlife in Madagascar instead of this God nonsense. Well, I suppose 10 seconds is better than nothing. Sure, some of the issues they discuss are important but why not give God and biology at least equal time.