Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Penn & Teller Greatest Skeptical Achievement

Answered by Teller!
(via Cynical-C Blog)


  1. First time ever hearing Teller make a sound.

  2. Never break character!  Never break character!  And did you see Penn's reaction?  Oh no!  Could it be that Teller is kidn of tired of being silent all the time?  Could there be bad blood forming between Penn and Teller?!  NO!!!!

  3. Took me a few minutes to get up off the floor.  I thought the earth just ended, and only realized that Teller was speaking onscreen.

    Seriously, I think this kind of a meeting is serious enough for him to break character and speak his mind.  Not a surprise that he's got good things to say.

  4. Jeez, you kids need to get out more. Teller talks all the time!