Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ABC News: Billboard Battle in Bible Belt

July 19, 2010 on ABC News with Dan Harris


  1. the atheists "thrilled by all the attention"....      nice objective reporting douchebag Dan.     you don't think the biblethumpers enjoy having their mugs and their websites splashed all over ABC?   gimme a break man.

  2. What about "indivisible"?? Why is it OK to leave out "indivisible", but not "under god"? 

    This is a perfect analogy for religion's set of priorities: faith over patriotism. Why isn't the patriot-police all over their asses?

  3. The new billboards from the atheist side should read:
    "one nation under god: forever divisible.
     with demonization for 20% of the citizens"

  4. It is just pure irony, stupidity and hypocrisy that they put "Under God" right after "indivisible".