Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Colbert Report - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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June 1, 2010 on The Colbert Report
Ayaan Hirsi Ali wants us to shed the inhibition of judging and say that one religion is better than the other. (06:06)
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  1. Nice to see her lighter side for once. Very entertaining interview.

  2. She has learned to handle the media better and better over the years . Very funny interview. She's very likeable. I wonder how much the christians hate her now for dissing Jebus.

  3. She was clear as usaul, Colin was mostly the lighter part. She is, in essence a true socialist when it comes to women liberation. Ayaan is great !

  4. Colin who? Also, Ayaan is a libertarian..

  5. Yeah she's a complete libertarian.  I mean she said she liked John Locke more than jesus.  I don't know where you're getting the socialist from.  She's one of ours, not yours, sorry (speaking as a secular libertarian to MaxxPowers who I'm assuming is a secular socialist.)

  6. I don't "get" asking Christians to convert muslims to their religion.

  7. The lord is incompetent in spreading his teachings so he asks for help from other incompetent beings.

    Or he tells many different groups different things and enjoys watching the fight.

    Working in mysterious way n all..

  8. Martin: For the same reason you would take an automatic rifle from someone while convincing them the butter knife offers the same protection.  

  9. Charming. intelligent and correct, as always.

  10. <span>So... I see two possible views on this:</span>

    First one is that she is only saying dont let muslims get away without resistance, present some fight at least, make them debate, argue, fight intelectually and think about their beliefs.  Everybody is so afraid of muslims that is no wonder they think they are right, because nobody has the balls of saying the opposite.
    And who better for that than Christians.  We know that neither side is correct but if we, humanist and atheist, contradict Muslims, maybe they wont take us as seriously as if Christians debate which one religion is superior.
    That, I think, is a very inteligent move.

    The other second possible view is: let them fight each other until death!!! and when the winner arise, it will be so weak, that we atheist will be stronger! and so we will rule over this land!!! and we will call it.... "This Land".
    That, I think, IS PURE GENIUS! :D

  11. She is adorable. Even though she criticized religion unequivocally, the more moderate believers are probably less likely to feel attacked or threatened by her. Especially compared to the rhetoric of Hitchens, Myers, and Dawkins which can be rather ferocious at times.

  12. I agree completely with you shep. She puts a much more welcoming face on atheism. A lot of people shut their brains off when men like Hitchens start talking because they see them as the stereotypical stiff atheist. But she delivers her message in a much less threatening way. I do think she was a bit clumsy in making some points in this interview, but that's always the case with Colbert.

    Also, I would totally marry her.