Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shia Leader Muqtada Al-Sadr Offers "Hundreds of Believers" to Aid Iraqi Army

May 15, 2010 on Al-Jazeera English
Violence in Iraq has been on the rise since elections last March, with al-Qaeda in Iraq recently announcing a new offensive against security forces and Shia Muslims.

Mosques, too, have been attacked, leading Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shia leader who commands the Mahdi Army malitia, to offer "hundreds of believers" to support Iraq's security forces.

The government has so far rejected that offer.


  1. ahahaha!!! bring me some of scariest moments of my life in Iraq. That's why I think thanking US for their efforts to kick saddam out of his chair...has failed, Bush and Dick replaced one lune with bunch of religious extremists.

  2. I'm just wondering. Should we, as a matter of principal, NOT prosecute those who commit acts of genocide and torture, IF there is a risk other people might commit violence as a result?

  3. Actually you should prosecute people that committed genocide, but you have greater responsbility of whom you let to govern the new fragile freed state, you don't let any schmuck to get into political agenda and give him power! while the elite of that society are probably not ready to get into plotics at that time. Now currently  we have criminals and genocide doers roaming Iraq and holding extreme RELIGIOUS views, and US can't and won't do anything counteract it... for simple one reason they are of no threat to the region! as rabid Saddam once was .

  4. Catastrophic failure in Iraq when U.S. leaves =
    1. a new tyranny which is a theocracy (Muqtada al-Sadr, or someone as bad, running things)
    2. renewed WMD development 
    3. export of terrorism

    A big Bush mistake was thinking these people wanted "freedom and democracy"; what a joke that was -- they want their fucking Islam which is what they'll get. There were a few Iraqis that actually did buy into Bush's fantasy; I feel sorry for them because they'll have to leave Iraq or be killed.

  5. Ok guys- stop the liberal barking...Yes there is violence in Iraq- the only reason people are complaining is because there is free media in Iraq to tell you about this violence, there was violence on a daily basis in Saddam's era as well- you just didn't hear about it because iraq was like North Korea. It was great for the Iraqi people to be freed from Saddam and no matter how many problems they have- the freedoms they have now are worth more than anything positive under Saddam's regime.

    And for The bigots like MelM- The people that want "islam" are a minority- In fact Iraq was largely secular until saddam's era were many were radicalised- please keep your mouth shut when you are obviously an idiot when it comes to middle eastern politics. Majority of Iraqis DO want democracy and have gained it. The election turnouts in Iraq are higher than the states.

  6. I am an Iraqi.. and I see that you are just another Saddamo-phobic, Saddam was shit and he is now dead( I prefered he would've been imprisoned for the rest of his life not to create a hero out of him by executing him in Islamic holliday) about the current Shia'a's led government I don't think you could argue that they are religiously driven bigots.

  7. if you lived in iraq during saddam's era- you would also be saddamo-phobic...good he died- the government now is democratically elected- if they are religious bigots it is only a reflection on iraqi society as a whole- democracy and freedom will modernize and secularise iraqis in the next decade.

  8. Really hope so...But since Iraq in the middle of  Saudi Arabia and Iran religious conflict I have my own doubts if democracy and secularism would prevail.