Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scientology - Circus of the Stars

by The Thinking Atheist
Haven for the rich and gullible, Scientology is one of the more "unique" cults on the planet. Check it out!


  1. Its great that videos like this are exposing what scientology is all about.  What strikes me is just how utterly crazy its belief system is.  Its just as irrational and childlike as any of the myths at the heart of the major religions.

    One difference between scientology and other religions seems to be that they keep a lot of the most crazy stuff secret until you're pretty high up in their system. They hide the daft heart of the religion behind a veil of sudo-science.  

    The internet has now pretty widely exposed the nutty ideas at scientology's core.  I wonder if that will have any effect on the number of people joining.  If other religions are anything to go by, it might actually increase their numbers! 

  2. <span>amazing how people can believe in thins things, but I wonder whats the difference with christians, they also have very amazing stories like the talking donkey, the opening of the red sea, resurrection, a massive flood, etc. etc...  all this is bull shit, so sad the world is a mess because of religions, but any way, you gotta be s... me.........</span>

  3. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥May 24, 2010 at 6:37 AM

    R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥ and so does $cientology.

    It´s a racket and a mafia and the only the way you destroy these
    cults is by cutting of their money supply.

  4. Do you know what the technical definition is of the word scientology?

    Go on and check out the definitions for science, ology, and logos. Also, look at how those words evolved.

    Now, buy one of the more simple books and see if theres any principles or phenomena stated that you could disprove. Whether you can or can't, ask yourself if it matches the definitions that you've read.

    Personally, I'd explain Dianetics as the "computer software programs" of the human mind explained in detail as well as the functions and usability of the software.

    It actually is the "DMV Driver's Regulations" of the human mind because it explains the laws that the mind obeys.

    I'd compare scientology with the mesh boards that people used to find gold in the Gold Rush. The gold itself is whatever information is valuable to you as useful information (Information that you find in life , but rather than have to use your hands and look at every rock to see if its gold,[ex. have to find out the hard way that your best friend is a backstabbing liar] you use "scientology" to categorize the information and in that way gain a useful understanding of whatever it is that you are trying to figure out or gain as knowledge. (it could be anything, from Astrophysics to Zoology.).

    I don't want you to believe me, but I also don't want you to believe everything that you hear about anything.

    You have the ability and right to observe, you know?

  5. Drop the argument from definitions and just say what in the video is factually wrong.

  6. Because if the video is factually correct, the proper response to scientology is as stated: "you've got to be Sh!H%tin' me".

    Scientology will give me super powers?
    I'll believe it when I'll witness the first scientologist super hero.

  7. Where did you first get the idea that scientology would give you super powers?

  8. Or attempt to, anyway?

  9. And how do you know that the video is factual?

  10. 2:00-2:20.
    Would you like to list that under 'factually wrong'?

  11. What "that" are you referring to?

    "Would you like to list that as 'factually wrong'?

  12. Has a Scientologist ever proposed to someone that he could give them super powers? Beats me.

    If you're referring to the proposition that the actual subject of scientology proposes to give you super powers, I'd like to see where it states that in one of the materials of scientology.

    I've had at least one person of the Catholic religion tell me that if I pray and go to church every sunday and repent for my sins, that god would take care of everything. I don't believe him that he learned that from studying the bible, which is what I'm assuming is used to teach people the principles of Catholicism. But, because I've never myself read any text regarded as "holy",
    I can't tell you that I know that what he told me is actually what Catholicism proposes.

    I've studied a little Dianetics and have yet to come across an idea that I couldn't myself prove to anyone was real.

    I have 18 of the books and 30 lectures that Mr. Hubbard created and if you ever check any of this stuff out and could prove that any of what he says isn't
    scientifically demonstrable or that its scientifically disprovable, then I'd sincerely like to hear about it.

  13. I'm sorry, I didn't know you're numbers-blind.
    Here's what I'm talking about:
    From my first reply I was talking about a video, the video that this webpage is dedicated to display. (you may notice it dominates the top of the page)

    Your post mentioned misunderstanding of scientology based on misunderstanding of the word's origins, which I looked up as you suggested and concluded that within the context available to me, 'scientology' means: a title chosen to imply scientific content.
    Seeing that the video claims scientology's content is non-scientific at best, I asked you to point out what about it is wrong, where the video is "lying" so I would know to disregard it.

    You asked why (you should point out something is wrong), and I hinted that if you would not even claim an explanation is misleading before suggesting people should pay for the correct one (within context given by the video, mentioning scientology is somewhat of a money pit), there is no incentive for anyone to do so. Especially as your post suggested nothing more than the disprovability of scientological claims, that given you would not claim the video to be misleading, means a person can pay to learn that whatever mentioned in the video is either true, which would be highly unlikely as the claims presented are fantastical, or false, which would mean a waste of moeny.

    I included an example of such a claim, pointing out that the video mentions that scientology offers the possibility to accuire what could only be interpreted as "super powers" ("control over matter, energy, time and space"), and added my skepticism to explain why I would not bother paying for the privilege of finding out the claim is false, and therefore the video is correct. (or pay for finding the claim to be true, due to the fact I'm skeptical of it)

    Answering your question as to where such a claim is presented, I've supplied a time code for the video so you could jump directly to the part mentioning said claim, which you failed to notice, so here it is:
    At exactly two minutes after starting of video playback and ending at two minutes and twenty seconds, appears the claim I mentioned in my reply as "scientology offering super powers."

    The question remaining: Is the content of those twenty seconds accurately represent scientology?

  14. No. If you insult me again, I won't participate any more.

  15. Assuming your 'No" refers to my question about accurate representation of scientology in the video and assuming you're a scientologist, I now know that a scientologist claim the video is misleading, and I'm willing to believe you know better than the non-scientologist who made the video.

    Still, it would be interesting to know where that wrong idea came from.