Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello Angry Atheists

by Pat Condell
The video referred to here "Vote small, think big" has been removed along with two others by a false copyright claim. Until they're reinstated you can see them at


  1. As if voting for a nationalist party will protect individual and constitutional rights.

    And as if an European union (of any kind) is in principle less "democratic" than a national one.

    It's perfectly legitimate to be opposed to the policies of the EU, but saying it's less democratic is being disingenuous. Especially when you compare it to the british system with a house of lords, feudal titles, etc. - The EU *is* democratic, it just happens to be the case that it's electorial center of gravity is further removed from the UK than a national vote would have it.

  2. I'll be voting UKIP or BNP because the EU is just the prelude to a global slave state.

    Chris Hill

  3. Pat's retoric on the EU reminds me of the right wing sessionist here in the south. These idiots don't know their history, the U.S. is the worlds first and oldest multinational union, we didn't have a single currency until 1862, or direct election of senators until 1913. The process of dropping intersate barriers that Pat condemns is in no small part responceable for the U.S. having a roughly equivalent GDP (ppp) as the entire E.U. with 200 million less people.

  4. <span>Just watched his "vote small, think big" video. What he does there is actually blaming the EU for the hopelesness of local british politicians. It is the British public though that votes the British politicians, who then on their turn decide who will represent the UK within the EU. Add to this that today the UK is overall a net beneficiar of the big EU honeypot. I also advice everyone to carefully read the program of the party he claims to vote for. Because they stand for hypocrisy with a big H.</span>
    <span>Further it isn't other EU countries that allow sharia courts or special "islamic banks with 0% intrest rates for muslims only" to operate within their borders. He should cut his EU bashing because if it wasn't for that British people likely wouldn't have any NHS left today. Same like the bigoted party he wants to promote there (whose leader never complained about his overpaid EU wage up until today) he clearly has no idea what he is talking about.
    Greetings from Brussels.</span>

  5. Since I'm not from UK, I just found out about this party's existence. Looks every country has their own weirdos.
    I stoped watching Pat Condell's videos some time ago, mainly bacause he stopped being funny. You can have 10,20, even 30 videos about same subject, ok. And at first it was very amusing. But come on, he lost his freshness long time ago. I watched this video after a break and now his saying also stupid things, looks I have made a good choise.
    Sorry Pat, time to retire. Don't do it bad style! (the "betray science for politics" part was quite disturbing...)

  6. Pat has made this video too early. The priority in this election is to get voting reform and that means we need a a hung parliament and either Labour or Conservative in third place on number of votes cast. You may not agree with the Liberals but they probably hold the key to ensuring voting change, ONly then can we all truly vote for the party that best represents our views and we will know that our view will count. Unfortunately there is a patronising tone about Labour and particularly the Conservatives that says 'we know what's good for you'.

    As for the EU, it needs reform and may find from the Greece debacle(soon to be followed by Spain and Portugal) that change will come from unforeseen places but remember it was the european Human Rights Act that is now being successfully used to throw back pro-religious amendments in Parliament. So we must be careful not to thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

  7. Condell has long since become a pompous bore. So UKIP is probably the right place for him.

  8. so, condell is a far-right crackpot. i didn't see that coming after all those bizzare paranoid rants

  9. If Pat thinks that the way to reduce religious influence is with right-wing politics he's really being delusional.  Voting UKIP is not a good idea because it just replaces the Islam-appeasing rules he dislikes with Christian-appeasing attitudes he also wouldn't like if he'd stop to think about it.  (It reminds me a bit of Ayan Hirsi Ali working for the American Enterprise Institute.  She doesn't realize they only like her for her anti-islam stance, not for her pro-atheism stance).