Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I Know About Islam

by Pat Condell


  1. fuck me! I just agreed with a pat 'i hate everyone' condell video.

  2. I never had the impression that he hates everyone. He does have a video in which he says good things about many of the religions he criticizes. He above all seems to love freedom..

  3. While I agree entirely with Pat, here's something I still think about occasionally: should we judge a religion <span>primarily</span> on its holy text or on how most of the followers of that religion behave based on their interpretation of that text? If the latter is prefered, that would mean we would be incorrect to call Islam a barbaric religion if most of them do not follow its barbaric verses. Nonetheless, they would still be worshipping a book which says such stuff and so I'd have to go with option #1.

  4. what i know a lot about pat condell:

    his description of muslims sounds a whole lot like the description that violent islamic radicals give of jews.

  5. while i also indeed agree fully with the mindset of this guy. He even been boradcvasted on dutch television in a primetime program.I ndeed saying what we all think but not dare to see cause of a  "posivitive discrimination" in place towards this perticular group within our sosiety. So again while i agree i get very bothered when some dude is trying to sell me t-shirts with his own face on it. Either ur an atheist or  you aren't. And if u are then be assured that u'll end being recognized as being right in the end. But some dude from the uk who tries to sell me t-shirts with his face on it makes me not want to be part of whatever movement he is trying to get going here. In fact that is one of those things i really despise about organised religion, and here we have some dude trying to make atheism some organised religion complete with his jilly face on t-shirts we all should buy. Hell no and leave this issue , as important as it is, to people who know what they talk about, without having to make money out of it, even if it were top maintain some free blog lol. Shame on you mr. Condell whoever you are.

  6. Agreed.  Would you feel okay about KKK membership as long as you didn't lynch anyone?

  7. So what's your point? Are both radical muslims and jews wrong? Are they both right? Is one wrong and the other right? It one wrong a little more than the other right? If so, why.

  8. Ahhh, Mr. "Fuck" Cider, my fave intellectual linguist with another well thought-out, sweeping generalization.

  9. What does Pat Condell know about Islam.  Very little.  What does he know about history?  Almost nothing.

  10. I've got some damned definate, relatively informed op;nions on National Socialism, and guess what, I've never studied National Socialism nor read Mein Kampf.
    P.S. Is there something about Condell all you parroting trendies have knodded together behind my back? I've always found him clever and right on the mark. But then, gosh...I always want to fit in....

  11. <span>You, whoever you are Mr. Middlewave( middle wife?), you are telling Mr. Pat Condell to leave this issue to the people who know the issue </span>
    <span>In other words, you don't want Mr. Condell to talk about the issues, right? ?</span>
    <span>You, Mr.Middlewave, YOU should tell Mr.Condell that you don't want him to talk about the issues and to leave the issues to the people who know the issues, then.</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>Correct me if I am wrong, Mr. Middlewave...</span>
    <span> </span>
    <span>Pat |Condell is the ONLY man I know in the world who is talking about these issues like nobody else is talking about them, and you want to shut the fuck up his jilly (?) face and leave the issues to someone who knows the issues.</span>
    <p><span> </span>
    </p><p><span><span>Do you know any person who can substitute Mr. Condell? <span> </span>Are you such person, Mr. Middlewave? Do you have a half of the dick Mr. Condell has?<span>  </span></span></span>

  12. poloniun said it right.   pat condell says right and knows better than those of stupid religious followers who believe quran came directly from allah and  acting according quaran killing infidels ,not in beleiving in freedom,democracy ,and human right.etc
    i believe if we had more people like pat condell in the world . we could have been in a different world within fifty years.
    we are  going forward with bright  ideas.

  13. ahh its our friend 'john' with all the humor of a wet tea towel and and soggy sarnie. hope you cheer up soon matey.

  14. Ah, Anna...Anna... My dearAnna...
    You know what I like about you, Anna?
    I like that these brains of yours never stop working !
    Weekdays or holidays, 24/7 - I can hear your lovable, quiet whisper in my ear: Cuckoo...Cuckoo...Cuckoo.

  15. *LOL* This Anna-person is a real comedian. Look what she writes about sport's fans:

    Have you ever found yourself amazed at sport's fans? I know I am. The extent that they will go to unashamedly display their devotion and loyalty to their favorite team. It's pretty remarkable. Body paint, costumes, poor weather - and off they go unhindered; telling the world whose banner they wear.

    Coming from a God-Bot that is pretty damn hilarious!

  16. Looks like I disagree with a Condell video, which is strange... Normally I agree with everything that is said, not this time.

    It's the followers who are moderate. Not the religion.
    I've always found the Qur'an to be very straightforward in how it deals with those who aren't believers of Islam, and, like a Christian, finding a single contradictory passage that promotes some form of neglectful tolerance doesn't remove the atrocities.

    “O Prophet! Strive hard against the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and be firm against them. Their abode is Hell – an evil refuge indeed”
    Surah 9:73

    “O ye who believe! Fight the Unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you: and know that Allah is with those who fear Him”
    Surah 9:123

    The list goes on, and on, and on. There's also a plethora of misogynistic quotes littered throughout the Qur'an.

    Finding a sliver of good in a sea of evil doesn't, in the slightest, excuse the evil. Regardless of how evil and primitive I believe Islam to be, this same idea holds true for all religions.

  17. Not bad, Cider.
    I particularly like the "soggy sarnie" thing, but you're not as devastatingly persuasive as your usual; 
    "...<span>ahh its our fuckin'  friend 'john' with all the fuckin' humor of a wet fuckin' tea towel and soggy fuckin' sarnie. Hope you cheer up soon, ya fuck..".</span>
    <span>P.S. What's a sarnie?</span>

  18. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 19, 2010 at 2:55 AM

    I wish he would add a spoonfull full of humour as it makes the medicin go down, the medicine go dow-ohn. This is the first time I have found his angry tone tiresome, even though I completely agree with what he says!

    I have lived in Saudia Arabia and Pat Condell is only scatching the surface.

    My parents were approached by a couple in the Jeddah souk who in all seriousness asked how much they were willing to sell my brother for? Needless to say my brother was not amused and has never liked Arabs since. My parents made a hasty retreat.  Now had it been left to me ,I would have told that lovely couple (husband and his three wives) to chuck me a Kit Kat and Coke and made a deal there and then. O:-) :-$  

  19. dear john ; you are a fucking lunatic:

  20. I had the same reaction as cider. I hesitated to even watch this vides becuase he often comes across to me as unnecessarily angry and sometimes petty.  When his videos are nothing more than ranting diatribes, I struggle to see any value in them.

  21. He's comparing the rhetoric of Condell to the rhetoric of violent radical muslims. That has nothing to do with what Jews believe or do. Meaning, for me, that Pat lacks any nuance and is full of anger. Often saying that the whole of civilization depends on it, implying that you should fight to the death for the cause since it is so monumentally important. I would say Islamic rhetoric often equates all Jews with each other, assessing them collectively as being destroyers of society and opponents who must be stopped. That usually applies to Pat too.

    I agree as Pat often says, that moderate muslims are a big part of the problem since they legitimize radical muslims. But, that doesn't make them the same as people who support or engage in violence. The reason I could tolerate this video is I think Pat recognized that. I can imagine that his rhetoric in this video might actually appeal to some of them. Usually, he seems to be preaching to the atheist choir. That may be good for motivating them, but it seems ultimately unproductive unless he's encouraging people to engage with the moderates.

  22. Most of the adolescent, foul-mouthed, knuckle-dragger's entries are usually as vacuous as the people he attempts to criticise. He should stick with his own on a youtube string.

  23. Perhaps the Arab couple should have couched their offer in a little humor, you know, not only to make the medicine go down, but to render the proposal inoffensive.
    Fact is, some things in this world demand anger. It's proper, justified and  can achieve desirable results. Add Condell's logic and clever delivery, and I find his anger particularly effective.
    Perhaps many of us are not angry enough.

  24. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 19, 2010 at 1:26 PM

    I agree anger and clear talking can be the only way in waking people up.
    In a world where people are far too accommodating of religion I would like to see more people vent their anger like Pat. Believe me Pat is voicing all the things that I want to scream. I know so many are others who feel the same way.

    I just felt that he was treading water on this one.  

  25. Cool.
    When it comes to under/over the top, your judgement is as valid as mine.
    I tend to be wary of piling on, despise parrots and conviction by headcount. Is why I sometimes criticise my own team. A lifelong atheist way before "new" atheism, I always saw it is a sign of independent, even clever thinking. In short, some of my fellow atheists embarrass me (check out youtube strings)

  26. although I don't agree, at least you've offered a good argument, That's certainly more than the post in question.
    Gotta call you out on the "preaching to the atheist choir being unproductive" bit, tho.
    Perhaps you might examine many of the strings here. Do you honestly thing this blog's main function is "encouraging people to engate with moderates? :)

  27. are you talking to me? if you are, assumptions will get you everywhere sexy pants.

  28. yeah- some atheists embarrass me too ;D

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