Monday, April 19, 2010

Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News for Anti-Muslim Nuclear Logo Propaganda

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Aired April 14, 2010 on The Daily Show
(Thanks Daniel)


  1. AMB Linking to Gawker now? It's like there's an orgy in my bookmarks AND EVERYONE'S INVITED!

  2. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 19, 2010 at 4:05 PM

    Fox news is just the gift that keeps giving lol. Glad though that at least one show is exposing their bullshit on a regular basis.

    It´s interesting that the Daily show chose that Nazi "Danzig ist Deutsch" poster! Now Christian´s always love to equate Stalinism and Nazism with atheism. But here we have St.Mary´s, the biggest Evangelical lutheran church in the world until 1945 basking in the light from heaven with a great big swastika right next to it. Evangelical Christianity and Nazism conjoined at the hip with God´s blessing no less.

    If anyone wanted to do a similar sort of propaganda job on the Evangelicals, I think that poster would be rather useful.

  3. as george used to say: Birth is an invitation to the freak show, and American citizenship is a front row seat. I'm sure if he was still with us, he'd round it off with FOX Noise is a visit backstage

  4. He's really missing out..

  5. Here's what my reaction was before they explained the logo (in my defense I didn't see the little dot representing the electron on the tiny video resolution I was using until they pointed it out.  I only could see the crescent shape) :

    Gosh, why choose a crescent shape around the edge of the circle like that?  MAYBE BECAUSE THAT"S A STANDARD WAY FOR ARTISTS TO DRAW A HIGHLIGHT ON A CIRCLE TO GIVE IT A 3-D SHAPE, YOU  NUMBNUTS?I  That "muslim" crescent is just a standard way to highlight a circle to make it look shiny and 3-D.

    In any case, the title is misleading.  It's not the worry about muslim extremists getting nuclear weapons that's the problem.  It's the tenuous "I'm sure this shape means it's muslim because it happens to be crescenty" that's the problem.   By that logic, Croissants are Muslim.