Monday, April 12, 2010

Vatican Finally Tells Bishops to Report Sex Abuse Crimes to Police

April 12, 2010 on AP
The Vatican responded Monday to allegations that it had concealed years of clerical sex abuse by making it clear for the first time that bishops and other high-ranking clerics should report such crimes to police if required by law.


  1. It's about fucking time. Now they need to start endorsing condoms in aids-ridden areas of Africa, amongst other things.

  2. Note that comment '..from now on..'. The catholic church does this all the time. "Yep, we've been found out, but trust us not to do it again" and they hope they can go merrily on their way.

    Unfortunately, they are probably right.

  3. OMG ( yeah yeah i know there isnt one )
    they are going to get away with again.

  4. This does nothing. Read it for yourself, it's rigged. If it's up to the bishop to determine if the allegations are true, then it becomes his decision to decide if a crime has even been committed. If there's no crime being done, then there's no need to report anything to the authorities.

    The Holy See sure loves to make loopholes for itself.

    If the Vatican really wanted to make people happy, especially Catholics, they should say this: "Every allegation of sexual abuse of a minor by a cleric, regardless of time and place, should be reported to the civil authorities for investigation. If an investigation leads to conviction of a crime, the cleric will be laicized and possibly excommunicated."

  5. The real scary part is bishops need to be TOLD to report the raping of children to the police. Wouldn't that be a no-brainer for any moral person?

  6. Yes, we must weed out

    -the Jews
    -the gays
    -the secularists
    -the oversexed children

    That are part of a growing list of people that cause these awful crimes.


  7. did any of you notice the "<span>if</span> required by law"
    so they need to be told that they are to obay the laws of man?
    and even so, i doubt it will bring much good like Dave said. they will just say its baseless claims.

  8. They are not compelled to do so. Only "if required by law". As ever they will find ways to squeel out of this again.
    Do not forget Lot gave his young daughters to an 'angry mob' to do with them what they pleased. Later these daughters gave their father to much to drink, so they could get children from his lap. Adultery is a common theme in the bible, god was always in for some perverted plot.