Monday, April 12, 2010

FOX News: Lawsuit Over Graduation Prayer

April 12, 2010 on FOX News
Top student suing school over graduation prayer.
An update on this story


  1. The woman on the far left (of the screen) is exactly right, the constitution does not call for the complete eradictation of religion in school.  The students have an individual right to talk about it, to express their opinions.  But the school cannot set aside time for it, and cannot endorse it.  Which is why even a student lead prayer at graduation is unconstitutional.  The school system is just wasting money that should be going to educating kids on this open and shut case.

  2. I love how the pro-prayer woman couldn't really argue the legality of it, just kept trying to say "well, screw precedent, there are different people on the supreme court, so they may vote differently.  and since most americans (according to her) don't agree with the aclu, the aclu must be bad and should stop forcing their views, regardless of whether or not prayer in school is illegal."

    yay for people with no argument so they try to smear the people/groups involved.