Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bill Donohue Links Homosexuality to Pedophilia

March 31, 2010 on CNN


  1. What can I say to this...  Bill Donahue cannot open his mouth without spewing hatred.

  2. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥April 1, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    <span><span>In the words of Dana Carvey´s Church Lady:</span></span>
    <span><span>"Well now, isn´t that SPECIAL!!"</span></span>
    <span><span>Nice red herring there. Equating pedophilia with either heterosexuality or homosexuality is shockingly ignorant. </span>  
    The majority of sexual abuse of children takes place within the cosy confines of the nuclear heterosexual family and extened family.  I know a few women who have had "issues" with their father. Using Donahue´s logic, what the heck does that say about heterosexuality? </span>  
    <span>*Ugh* and his voice...just like one of those tiny annoying yapping dogs. Are religious nutt bags genetically disposed with deafness or is the shouting a side effect from all of the brainwashing. </span> </span>

  3. so these christians are gay, pedophile rapists, what's the point? His chin looks like an ass btw..

  4. Actually, that is his ass. Why do you think he spouts so much shit?

  5. So what he is saying, is that you take a bunch of men, tell them not to have sex, put them in a buidling with lots of little children, the majority of which are boys, and they will first turn into homosexuals, and then into paedofiles as a natural consequence of the first.

    Is he really so naive and stupid as to believe that if the majority were little girls, there wouldn`t be a problem?

    Referring to the pathetic study done by that company counts for nothing. Unles he can show the logical link, proved by empircal evidence, that homosexualuality is realted  paedophila any more than heterosexuality is, and that being homosexual has a tendency to lead to paedophilia, he can fuck off.

  6. The new Youtube video layout is really atrocious. I'm glad there's a comment section on this site because it's much easier to follow than Youtube's globby mess.

  7. what a fuckwit this man is.....pure hatred shit out of his mouth

  8. He used a nice little piece of rhetoric there I noticed; 

    The Australian commentator

    "The attitudes and behaviour of the RC Church have alot to do with stunting the healthy psychosexual development of these men, who mollest children"

    Bill Donnahue

    "See? This proves my point: Celebate homosexuals in the church seem to be turning into pedophiles"

  9. This reader links the Catholic priesthood with pedophilia.

  10. And I link Bill Donohue with idiocy.

  11. Don't buy into this distraction.  He's trying to change the debate to homosexuality vs heterosexuality, it doesn't matter.  The problem is the systematic cover ups, not the sexual orientation.

  12. He may be right to say that there are more priests who have molested boys than girls, so what???

    The Church tells young men who may have a homosexual inclination that there sexuality is a moral evil - opposes the natural law and is against God's law and the order of creation.

    Guest if your a boy in a catholic family being fed this shit, you either flee home at the first opportunity - or you buy into it. You can't change your sexuality so out of shame and guilt you dedicate your life to the Church as a preist (It also stops his family asking why  he is not married).

    Never going through a normal adolescent acceptance of ones sexual nature (whether one ne heterosexual or homosexual) you are then totally unprepared to develop a sexual relationship with an adult.

    But also, what if you are a peadophile drawn to the preisthood? "I know I will become a priest because there will be lots of opportunity to molest girls?" Think again! There will be lots of opportunity to abuse boys however. Seminaries are obviously just for boys.  Religious order run schools tend to be sexually deivided. Male orders running educational establishments for boys and female orders running educational establishments for girls.

    Also, Pedophilia is much more common in the home amongst family members - does this make heterosexuality and family units a cause for peadophilia acts.

    Finally studes show that most peadophiles are drawn to pre-pubescent children regardless of gender. Take Fr Marciel of the Legions of Christ - he father children with women an he sexually abused boys and girls. Mainly boys because it was boys that were entrusted to his care.

    Is it surprising that Donohue is happy to spread fear of homosexuals? His church has been doing it for centuries and none more so vehemently then the present pope.

    The ironic thing is, that this fear, guilt and shame that Donohue and his church are instilling in young teenagers who are discovering that they have a homosexual inclination is one that leads to the kind of immaturity and distortion of sexuality that Donahue is defending his pope for covering up,

    It would be funny if not so morally and ethically twisted.