Friday, March 26, 2010

Riz Khan - War and peace in Quran and Bible

March 26, 2010 on Al-Jazeera English
We examine what role the Bible and the Quran played in inciting violence through the ages.


  1. To be perfectly honest, I don't care what it says in the books. What matters is what the practitioners choose to emphasize. When it comes to what really matters, counting up the number of gruesome lines in each book is a red herring.

  2. More often than not, it's the religion itself that is gruesome, not the follewers.

  3. I amazed to hear people discuss this as if there is no other obtion than religion. The only reconciliation is to end all religious bigotry.

    He should have asked the Muslim if there was any obtion not to be ascribe to this nonsence. The answer is NO. You can not even critizise it if you want to keep your head. That is the core violence. Its spiritual totalitarianism.This is madness. How can they discuss these texts with a straight face as if they where some universal law? Let alone defend them?

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