Thursday, March 25, 2010

Geneticist Wins Top Religion Prize

March 25, 2010 on AP
A one-time Spanish-born priest who later became an evolutionary geneticist and molecular biologist and helped scientifically refute creationism with his research has been honored with one of the world's top religion prizes.


  1. Take that Muzaffar Iqbal!

  2. What “exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension” has Ayala made? (templeton's words)

    He does what seems to be good science then asserts that a spiritual dimension must exist, and that his God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent.

    He didn’t make some advancement in neuroscience that points out the possible existence of the “god lobe” or something. He is just a scientist that claims a god exists.

    What worthless tripe.

    Thank you for doing good science, but to say there is no contradiction between science and religion is false (any religion, pick one and someone will point out the scientific contradictions).

  3. He also seems to accept that religion is not rational.  What kind of cognitive dissonance is he dealing with on a daily basis?  Does he still consider himself a Catholic? 

  4. "who [..] helped scientifically refute creationism with his research"

    What a giant load of hooey. Creationism didn't need to be refuted any time recently, it doesn't even have a case. What disproves creationism was done much before this loon became a 'scientist'.

  5. @ Nathan
    <span>"any religion, pick one and someone will point out the scientific contradictions"</span>

    I know that was probably rhetorical, but I thought Buddhism was generally pretty compatible with science.

    At any rate, the contradictions come when one insists on supplanting rigorously-tested scientific findings with outmoded religious best-guesses.  Like in a Venn diagram, there's overlap on testable matters that I think should defer to science.  Those who need the comfort of religion can claim the untestable & magical stuff for themselves, and once properly separated, both should get along fine.