Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Richard Dawkins - "What if you're wrong?" South Park Style

Animation by TubeLooB


  1. Needs more Mrs. Garrison :p
    Regardless, excellent video!

  2. It's a classic Dawkins moment :)

    But it seems kind of pointless to make a South Park version of it...

  3. R€LIGION $TINKS OF MONE¥March 2, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    The original South Park episode was not particularly flattering of R.Dawkins and they completely took the piss when it came to the theory of evolution.

    And I read somewhere that Matt Stone and Trey Parker although not fans of religious groups are by no means fans of atheism either. They believe in God.

    I´m a fan of South Park but I don´t always agree with their views.

  4. sure its pointless, but still, it works^^

  5. Huffingtonpost had an interview recently in which one of them said that they are not atheists.

  6. Yeah, I remember an episode in which the adults become atheists, not flattering of us either.

    I wonder why the writers put Jesus in "Imagination Land." What do you think?

  7. It means they, along with so many, don't understand what the definition of Atheism is.  I can't tell you how many times I've had someone say to me, "Well I'm spiritual but not religious..I don't believe in a classically defined deity but more in a universal higher intelligence etc." So I say, "Congrats, you are atheist."  And of course they reply with, "Oh no way!  I believe in *something*."  There are all different flavors of atheists out there folks. 

  8. jesusfetusfajitafishsticksMarch 2, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    We saw Dawkins speak at the atheist convention last year... and a girl in line asked him to sign the cover to the southpark dvd that he was on... I don't think he was very flattered, AT ALL. He grabbed the dvd and flung it across the table and started flipping out... we thought he was gonna stop signing early. He said something about it showing, "Me buggering a transvestite whore." 
    I haven't seen the episode... but I know he was NOT HAPPY about it. 

  9. Oh my, this is sooo cool and funny :-D .
    Very well done!

  10. That's interesting, I've known classmates who said things like that, but they really didn't seem to like to talk about it. I wonder if some of these spiritual people are creationists. Deists maybe?

    Regarding Jesus in Imagination Land, I thought that believing in Jesus was the one consistent thing about Christianity.

    Thanks to All

  11. Belief in a higher <span>intelligence isn't atheism. </span>

  12. Atheism is the rejection of a theistic god, that's why there are separate terms for theist/deist.  So, yes, you can believe that there are more intelligent beings in the universe than us (that would appear to be godlike) and be atheist.  

  13. The important distinction is that those beings would still be standard Darwinian living things just like we are, they would only be more evolved and/or more advanced in terms of knowledge and technology. But, for instance, the laws of physics would still apply to them.
    Believing is advanced extraterrestrial life of this kind isn't religion, of course.

    On the other hand, the (religious) concept of god is VERY different: god is omniscient, omnipotent, it can change laws of physics.

    If somebody says that they believe in a higher power "above us" then they're clearly NOT talking about advanced Darwinian extraterrestrials but quite literally about a (supernatural) "power". Therefore their position is NOT atheistic but either theistic of deistic.

  14. Yes, I agree with this. I find that I am alternately agreeing with their views and being very surprised by their stupidity. On the one hand, Parker's comments about what he thinks atheists believe (last line of his wikipedia article) is breathtakingly dumb. But on the other, they did attend TAM 6 or something, which is cool. But on the other, other hand, at TAM he signed someone's bible with a Cartman caricature with the caption saying "this book is gay", something they still do on SP, which would be amusing if I were still in junior high and this were 1997, but I'm not and it isn't, it's just fucking lame and dated and lazy now. I sort of get the feeling that if it were still marginally acceptable to call people niggers for laughs, they would be doing that.

  15. This is a very narrow and a more traditional understanding of atheism. Modern atheism isn't just a refutation of monotheism but to supernatural claims in general. We tend toward skepticism and embrace the scientific method as a guide to truth and understand that that truth changes. If you want to claim knowledge of a supernatural mechanism or entity then an atheist would require proof.

    There may well be aliens with godlike qualities. I don't know and neither do you. To say you know something exists when it's currently unknowable is the opposite of skepticism. It's the opposite of a more modern definition of atheism.