Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Big Questions: Does Religion Have a Place in Sex Education?

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Aired February 28, 2010 on BBC One
Ministers are being accused of caving into pressure from faith schools over sex and relationships education.

The government is due to make sex and relationship lessons compulsory in England's schools from 2011 through a bill in Parliament next week.

But pressure groups and the Liberal Democrats say a late amendment means faith schools will be able to teach it in line with their religious character.

The government denied faith schools were being given an opt out.

In a statement on its website, the Catholic Education Service says the amendment was secured after a period of "extensive lobbying".

It said the change would allow schools to teach the subject in accordance with their ethos.
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  1. What does "and relationships" has to do with sex education?

  2. I am glad they teache all the positions!

  3. seriously though' how the fuck is religion still making decisions in my country/society/education/law. How the fuck are we still voting these people into power?

  4. I dont want people who believe in slavery, rape, sexism, talking snakes, flying hippies, and genocide teaching my kids fuck all thank you. Fuck off vicar.

  5. Where is the logic in bringing a Catholic priest in to teach young people about sex education?!? It's like a university inviting a postman to give a lecture on quantum mechanics!

  6. In accordance with their ethos?

    This is a condom. If you wear one you will burn in hell. Here endeth the lesson.

  7. We lost the debate as far too much airtime was given to the religious apologists. They need to look at countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway which have an almost totally secular outlook and the lowest rates of teenage pregnancy in europe. There should have been a demolition of the immoral nature of religion's foundations, particularly the christian religion.

  8. Agreed, I posted a comment along the same lines on the second part of the video on Youtube. Not one person said "this is what country X has done with great success" instead it was nothing by navel gazing and euphamisms from people who refused to investigate the evidence of their position.