Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jesus Is Everywhere

(Thanks Jason)


  1. *LOL*

    Yeah one of the things that I have always thought is so weird about Christianity is not foremost that people believe in this nonsense (though that is sure weird too, but people believe all sorts of stupid stuff) but the really weird thing is that if they actually believe this - why do they react so unnaturally bizarre to it? I mean you get told that an invisible being is all around and sees you where ever you are and what ever you do, you are basically stalked in the worst 1984-Big Brother-North Korea-way conceivable... and they are fine with this and see it as something good?? They believe god speak inside their heads and they do NOT try to get rid of this invasive thing, the same way they would do if they thought it was, for example, an implanted alien device? There are hundreds of examples of just how incredibly creepy god would be if he actually existed and none of these people react to the creepiness (that they supposedly think is real) in a way you thought would be natural to do. If I believed in all that I would try to get away from it with all my might and I would fucking freak out if I thought I couldn't, because, yeah... THAT is just NOT something you should accept and worship to such an extent if you are of sound mind. So, yeah, that they believe in god is not half as baffling as why they worship him!

  2. So well argued, thank you!