Sunday, February 21, 2010

Five Minutes With: Professor Brian Cox

Posted February 20, 2010 on BBC News
Celebrities and news-makers are grilled by Matthew Stadlen in exactly five minutes in a series for the BBC News website.

This week, physicist and presenter Professor Brian Cox talks about the excitement of working on the Large Hadron Collider, his science heroes, how his taste in music is ageing, and he gives a beginner's guide to the Big Bang.


  1. 5mins listening to Brian Cox and I already feel the world is a better place, great science communicators is what this world needs. A refreshing contrast to the dangerously insane babblings of the religious.

  2. These five minutes have let me forget these thousands of hours I've spent in church.

  3. Dr. Cox accelerates my particles *suggestive winking smiley face*

  4. Physics, science in general, needs to be made more accessible.  By that I mean on this kind of level - not the incessant ramblings of a teacher who doesn't want to be there. 

    There is so much wonder and immense beauty on this planet and in the solar system.  That is why this is enough for me; I need no God. 

    I adore Prof. Brian Cox's style.  His new show on BBC 2 has only been on for a short while and I have been in tears at some of the immensities and and brilliant things that have been filmed.  :-D