Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dad Faces Jail For Taking Daughter To Church

February 16, 2010 on ABC News
From Huffington Post:
Joseph Reyes, who baptized his 3-year-old daughter without his ex-wife's permission, could see jail time after a Cook County judge granted his ex a temporary restraining order barring him from exposing the child to any religion other than Judaism.

With an already ugly divorce and custody battle turning even uglier, Reyes was arraigned Tuesday on charges he violated the temporary restraining order when he invited television crews along as he took his daughter Ela to Holy Name Cathedral on Jan. 17.
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  1. No worries, it's just a little water!

  2. Mother: "Our daughter has to grow up following Jeudaism!"

    Father: "No, our daughter has grow up following Christianity!"

    Me: "How about you wait until she's old enough to decide what she wants to believe in?"

    Parents: "...because we're selfish and don't want to."

  3. this is last years news

  4. Interesting that dickhead was such a staunch, upstanding Catholic that he tossed it for a babe. and now reaffirms it , obviously for spite. What are the odds that either parent here is the least bit concerned about the interests of the kid.

  5. Can you do that?  Can you legally enforce exposure to only one religion in this country?  Can you legally inforce exposure to any kind of information in this country?  This is troubling. 


    The mother for stupidly wanting a "Jewish only" daughter
    The father for using his child to upset / negotiate with the mother
    The judge for stupidly allowing any mandates for Religion

    Good job the child isn't a boy and could be circumsised with malisciously intent by the mum

    Curious... does circumcission count as causing harm?

  7. Ohhh I'm so torn.  I can't decide which parent is the bigger dumbass.