Friday, February 19, 2010

Costa Rica: A Vote for Faith

February 19, 2010 on the Christian Broadcasting Network


  1. Wow, didn't expected to see my country in this blog!

    A couple of months ago the Legislative Assembly (a kind of congress) rejected a constitution change to make the country a secular one, removing the references to god from the constituion and from the oath.

    Many people supported this change, but since most of the population is very religious, the project was rejected. Chinchilla was the candidate more explicity against the contitution change and in favor of the church.
    That was the decisive factor in voting for the opposite candidate this year.

  2. Unfortunatelly this is not only happening in Costa Rica, but others central american countries are seeing a rise in protestantism with hands in politics. Some countries like Nicaragua and El Salvador are more evangellical than catholic. People are jumping from the frying pan to the fire.

    There are low levels of goverment in Colombia with evangelical elected representatives. This is a bad sign for the future of human rights. The battles we see in US will be repeated in Latin America very soon.