Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BBC - Generation Jihad - Episode 3

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Aired February 22, 2010 on BBC Two (Episode 3/3)
Peter Taylor investigates what Britain is doing to counter the threat of violent extremism. In 2010, 140 million pounds will be spent to win the battle for the hearts and minds of young Muslims, but the policy risks alienating many in Britain's Muslim communities. With unique access to a man who came face to face with al-Qaeda and the inside story of how police managed to thwart would-be suicide bombers, the programme examines the biggest single threat to national security.
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  1. <span> I think this documentary overlooks the real issue her. Jihad is not the problem, Islam in general is the villain here. Muslims extremist will never cease to exist because the messages from their holy book has too much to do with violence.If religion in general is already a problem what can be said about something as outdated and close minded as the muslin religion? It simply has no place in this World anymore! It's shame that the western world has been compromised and contaminated by them.

  2. Wow.   Ratna Lachman is exactly the kind of counter-productive community activist that I'd hate to have around.  She constantly tries to intervene to prevent any kind of action or improvement.  At one point, she says that she resents the suggestion that Muslims wouldn't inform police about a bombing.  That's great Ratna.  Now, look at the polls that show that sizable minorities of Muslims in Britian sympathize with the Muslim bombers even though they wouldn't do it themselves.  She wants to play a game where Muslims are supposed to be considered *exactly* like every other British person, but then would conveniently ignore polls that show that Muslims are far more likely to support these kinds of activities than the general British public.  Ratna is really just a counter-productive, hyper-sensitive, out-of-touch community spokesperson.