Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Ten Creationist Arguments

by The Thinking Atheist


  1. Lol "reductio ad hitlerum"...Godwin's law FTW

  2. A very well produced video.

  3. Where do these guys get the money for such professional productions - or are they just that good to do it on the cheap? 

  4. ^^ They (a) take their time and produce something that has a (b) script.  This compares favorably to any number of YouTube talking heads, because it uses a relatively small amount of post-production.  The voice-over guy sounds pro; notice the difference and the added comedy value.  This is a case of "good production values", not "follow the money".

    How much money does it really take?  And couldn't this be considered "volunteering" if you did it voluntarily, not-for-profit?  I suspect if there's much cash involved, it's probably provided by people from a freethought/secular humanist organization, donations hard at work.  Capable software has been provided *free-as-in-beer* - Blender, Inkscape, and the GIMP, to name three.  I'm not saying that's what this video used - but you could use them, without incurring license fees, and get similar results.

    Kudos!  Great video count-down for 2009, the year we kicked theism in the 'nads.