Thursday, December 31, 2009

CBS News: Astrological Predictions for 2010

December 31, 2009 on CBS News
"You know the United States is a 'Cancer' country. It is born on July 4th!"


  1. I wish i got paid to make shit up on TV

  2. You know astrology is a sound science because the only people who actually bother to jot down astrological predictions are those skeptical of them. Have they *ever* reviewed their own claims on this show before?

  3. She gave them both the exact same prediction.  Gee, I wonder if it's all bullshit or not.

  4. im looking forward to the 2012 predictions lol

  5. Does this piss anyone else off? Why not have a fucking scientist on instead. Fuck these people. Fuck CBS.

  6. And where the fuck was this bitch on 9/11 when terrorists flew planes into the WTC killing 3,000 people? Shit, where was she 5 years ago when a 9.2 on the Richter scale touched off the the third most deadly tsunami in history, ending the lives of a quarter of a million people in the space of a few hours? Fucking disgusting.

  7. Strikingly similar to an interview with Sarah Palin.

  8. From 1984 - Jean Dixon's predictions for 1985 (LA Times)

    Boy George - Another explosive year of success.  "Within lie the seeds of disappointment and danger.  Beware travel, and large crowds."

    George Bush (Sr) - Financial investigatios will keep the (then) VP working overtime in 1985.  "He's clean."

    Castro - Despite his country's economic problems, it will "stay on the offensive"; scandal predicted, with "the death of a diplomat and narcotics smuggling."  Also, a "high seas stand-off" with more tension.

    Michael Jackson - "Drastic change in store"; Dixon offered he would follow the advice of his family and friends to "alter his image, forsaking femininity for masculinity".  "Working with children will open up new doos of adventure with personal fulfillment for him."

    Kissinger - Back in the public eye and in the thick of things in the Middle East.

    Ronald Reagan - A new mandate will strengthen the US Economy and its position of world leadership.

    *sigh*  The good old days as told in old newspapers.

  9. i wish i got paid for watching such shit! :)