Monday, November 16, 2009

IHEU Bullied at Human Rights Council for Discussing the 'Islamic Charter of Human Rights'

In a follow-up to International Humanist Ethical Union's written statement to the UN Human Rights Council describing Islamic efforts to undermine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Roy Brown, IHEU's main representative at the UN in Geneva prepared an oral statement for the Council debate held on 13 March 2008, but was prevented from giving it in full because of repeated objections from two Islamic delegations.
See also: The Islamic Declaration of "Human Rights":
The CDHRI gives men and women the "right to marriage" regardless of their race, colour or nationality, but not religion. In addition women are given "equal human dignity", "own rights to enjoy", "duties to perform", "own civil entity", "financial independence", and the "right to retain her name and lineage", though not equal rights in general. The Declaration makes the husband responsible for the social and financial protection of the family.
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