Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fox & Friends upset over Joy Behar's comments about Saints

From Wikipedia: Canonization in Roman Catholicism:
At a minimum, three important miracles are required to be formally declared a saint. The Church, however, places special weight on those miracles or instances of intercession that happened after the individual died and which are seen to demonstrate the saint's continued special relationship with God after death.


  1. Nobody's better at making big deals out of small things and small deals out of big things than Fox is.

    I don't watch the View but good on Joy for speaking her mind.

  2. Several times throughout history Catholic historians have had to purge the cannon of saints because it became painfully obvious that their stories were of purely legondary origin. Examples include jolly old St. Nicholas and St. Valentine. Most sophisticated Catholics acknowledge the folkloristic nature of cannonization, live with it and move on.