Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pope to get image makeover from director

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From ABC News:
Italian film and opera legend Franco Zeffirelli says he has agreed to become an image consultant to Pope Benedict XVI.

The pope does not have a "happy image", Zeffirelli tells Italian daily La Stampa in an interview published today.

"Coming after a Pope as telegenic as John Paul II is a difficult task," he said.

Zeffirelli says Pope Benedict, elected in 2005, "comes across coldly, which isn't suited to his surroundings" and added that his wardrobe "should be reviewed"...Read more

Zeffirelli's previous works include: Romeo & Juliet, The Champ, and Tea with Mussolini.

(via Opera Chic)


  1. How can you give someone like a the pope a better image? This is a scumbag who lives in total luxury while many of his subjects in Africa live in absolute poverty, too poor the feed themselves and without clean water. Almost as bad as Louis XVI.

    If it wasn't bad enough he won't allow them to wear a condom and bloody well tells them so outright, hence fueling the AIDS epidemic.

    If the Papacy wasn't stupid enough already, guess how the "Holy Father" is chosen? Not by God, no no, by a bunch of equally insane scumbags in a room with white smoke. And then they go for a former Nazi.

  2. I tend to be a bit less judgemental with the Catholics than with Fundamentalist Christians or Islamofascists, etc ... For one American Catholics have traditionally been champions of seporation of church and state owing to the historic distrust of Catholicism by protestants. Furthermore, Roman Catholicism actually does trace back to the first century and to the disciples of Jesus; unlike the Pentecostals who were founded in 1906 or this megachurch movement which didn't exist before the 1980s. Also the Big Bang cosmology can trace its roots back to a Jesuit Priest and John Paul II was very supportive of treating evolutionary biology with proper rigor in public as well as Catholic educational systems. If you look at Vadican II you will see that the Catholics are the only church who accept Atheists and "saved" which makes a big differnce in their attitude toward secularists, quite frankly. I do understand that there is a very active right-wing of the church who supported Fascism and were largely responsible for the defeat of fellow Catholic John Kerry in the 2004 US Presidential election, and yet, I cannot get over the fact that this is the only religious institution is the only cult engaging in social services for the sake of "good works" as opposed to covert conversion activities. "Faith without works is dead," said James, the brother of Jesus, and yet the first Protestant called James letter a "epistle of straw" because it contradicted Paul and indicted "rich men in all their finery."