Friday, December 7, 2007

Faith In America | with Sam Harris


  1. That was a chopped up editing job on the part of the TV shoe and it really felt like none of the participants ever got more than half of their questions out before being interrupted. It really didn't showcase much of Sam Harris' stance (or that of his opposition) mubh at all.

    It was quite telling how in the end Meredith said it was really an hour long conversaion we were seeing extracts from. We saw less than 5 minutes.

  2. 10 reasons this interview was awful.

    1)Sam barely gets anything in.

    2)The conservative christian lady.

    3)Mary, the lawyer, is introduced as episcopalian and married. What opinion is she on for? Also she seems pissed to be introduced that way.

    4)The intro.

    5)"We don't trust each other, we don't believe each other." Who lets this woman interview..

    6)The other (not Katie) crazy conservative christian lady, in the shiny green shirt. Introduced as "Colleen the married teacher and mom, who is a conservative christian" She gets twice as much time as Sam! Colleen has no idea what she is talking about, you can see every one of her points lead no where.

    7)David Foster, evangelical author, compares being bi/gay/lesbian to repeat speeders? o.O

    8)The Constitution and bible are not living beings.

    9)What kind of question is "Can we separate church and state?" in a 4 minute debate?

    10)Not a very diverse group...

  3. Three Christians and one Atheist? How diverse!

  4. I'm all for these kinds of discussions between people you and I might meet while at the grocery store (Sam being the exception). People make these sorts of useless arguments all of the time (lawjik points them out). The problem is that we didn't get to see any of the responses. We're left thinking that the traffic law justification for discrimination based on sexual preference is a legitimate argument.
    As for 3 average Joe Christian citizens vs. Sam Harris being unfair, I would say the opposite. Had they shown all of Sam's responses, the show would have been accused of bias because he's simply too experienced at debating these topics. If you want to see a good debate with Sam Harris, check out his debate with Reza Aslan on youtube.