Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mormonism & American Politics: Early Encounters - FORA TV

Mitt Romney's run for the White House raises perennial questions about the place of religion in the public square and offers scholars an interesting occasion to reconsider the relationship between religion and American politics. The media has made much of Romney’s religion and so have some sectors of the American public. What can we learn from public attitudes about Mormonism? Are the religious beliefs of a political candidate relevant to serving in office, and if so, how? Are there political implications to Mormonism? Do the careers of other Mormon politicians shed any light on this question? In what ways is Mormonism politically comparable to other religious groups? - Center for the Study of Religion, Princeton University


  1. That was excellent and very timely. In the CNN/YouTube debate last night Romney insisted he believed the Bible to be true "word for word" but several months ago he also said he believes in evolution so I suppose he must be doing some inturpreting.

  2. Thanks for the comments.
    Fora TV are great. but It seems like not enough people watch their videos! they produce about 7 lectures or debates every week, mostly political. You should check them out, I'm sure you'll find something interesting from time to time.
    about Romney, I don't feel he's going to make it so i'm not worried. but if he does, i feel he might be worse than Bush.