Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Asatru Religion

November 8, 2007
Wikipedia: Asatru Faith


  1. I like Ásatrú, even if it is still a religion. In Iceland one of the biggest scripts about the religion, Gylfaginning (contained in Snorra-Edda), is actually used as an excellent study of old Icelandic literature.
    Also, it is different from a lot of religions, for example it doesn't have a lot of morality rules. Also, it does not concern itself a lot with maintaining a sizable flock of followers. It also has a lot of comedic and often hilarious story of the Æsir. As for racism within it, there is almost nothing about race in Ásatrú, although admittedly there are only white Æsir, but that holds no significance .

  2. Thanks Olafur, I didn't know anything about this religion till today, never even heard of it before.