Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mike Huckabee on Evolution with Bill Maher


  1. It is a little off putting that he doesn't believe that Evolution happened despite mountains of evidence, but I would still vote for him over the democrats.

  2. Much more than a little off putting, well to me at least!
    GOP mammal, i'm curious to know what you think of ron paul? if you don't mind...
    I am not american and cannot vote, but i would vote for him if i was.

  3. Keeping creationism out of the schools is important to me, and I have heard gov. Huckabee say he wouldn't try to do that.
    On Ron Paul I don't like his foreign policy positions, his domestic policy positions I like for the most part. I suppose that if he were the nominee I would vote for him. He's stil better than any of the democrats.